Wardec Solutions - My balanced list

Edited to keep me and others for being triggered at the awful formatting…

First off, no, people still won’t fight in the future if they don’t care about pvp now.
------Source (for better formatting): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g_N9hVj9UnmFYr40_r3aqOLsm5b-qukqkk4Edy9sbUA/-----

This is my own personal opinion on the matter.
If you don’t agree say so and leave, don’t stick around to become a douche canoe…


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Dude… line breaks. I had so much trouble reading this I gave up. TLDR - too long to get to the key points; didn’t finish reading.

Read the Google doc, it’s all clearer there
Don’t worry, I thought the formatting on here was also trash lol

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