Warp To Me (The Gateway Drug of New Eden) and the "Invasions"

We are NOT complaining about the ISK, are we? I don’t give a damn about the ISK. In fact CCP, please nerf the ISK. Then I’ll have less sandbags to drag. What I care about is the fact that a very nice low-stress activity has been taken from me. Now I play other games instead when Incursions are down.
I ploughed my ISK from Incursions back into my own ships, into gifting ships to struggling newbros. @Soltice_Project, you seem a bit overbitter there. Incursions isn’t even much of an ISK faucet.

At the risk of incurring wrath here, but Warp To Me has a ‘qualification’ fleet incom of 90 million ISK/hour, and most FCs tend to stay around 120mil/hr. That’s not really that huge an ISK tap. I made better ISK ratting in null with 2 Ishtars. A carrier ratter makes better ISK, a Rorqual miner makes better ISK. So, why the hate for the 3rd biggest ISK tap? Hell, CCP I’d take half payout if you just gave us 2 focuses. CONCORD can ‘reduce the payout to reflect Sansha’s Nation posing a lesser threat or whatever’ so long as I still get to fly or run an fleet that’s not either “Waiting for Spawn” or contested to death.


CCP is trying to chase eveyone to Null, and if successful, they will die as no one will be in HS to welcome the newbros.

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@Solstice_Projekt I don’t get paid anything more than the newest line pilot.

My eve time is filled by providing content to others. When I am logged in, I am either flying incursions or moving to the next spawn or talking incursions.

My fun is flying the best underdog fleets of EVE. I fly kitchen sink incursion fleets against at worst two communities with stricter standards in the hopes of stealing a few choice sites in open contest or by being in the right place at the right time.

Isk is great but I could make isk multi boxing rorqs. This is the content I enjoy.






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o7 Maximus, just chiming in to support your coments.

WTM is not a mindless money-grinder but indeed a very friendly and welcoming community, a place where people can get together and have a good time, learn and experience large fleet combat and try out Logi. (which is rarely seen in Highsec, outside structure bashes and Incursions 5 Basilisks are seldom seen)

I have enjoyed-and will continue to enjoy - talking to the WTM pilots who are helpful, knowledgeable and come from all facets of eve life, Goons and PLers, TEST and NC, Highsec traders, FW specialists, you name it, we have it. You can learn a ton about every aspect of eve chatting with the folks while traveling to the next spawn…

Now there are less spawns, so now we have to chat while looking at TDF and NGA (two other incursion communities that we meet while hunting the sansha) twiddling their thumbs. If you read the comments here CCP, please consider this:

If it is absolutely necessary to reduce the payout of incursions, ok fine, I didn’t feel like those 200 folks in system were unbalancing the Isk influx into Eve but it’s your game, so OK. Talking to the folks I didn’t get the impression all money from snasha got converted to Omega time, but rather to any activity the people enjoy,from industry to exploration. I know I never resubbed from Isk, but hey, you have the statistics I only have my guess.

But please, reduce the isk payout if you have to, but leave our 2-3 spawns up so people can keep fleets running. Just cutting the supply of fleet time is not a friendly move. It hurts our time to have fun together.
Thinking this is a way to force people into other content, keep in mind this will happen only with the added price of bitter memories and disgruntlement. This is not a perfect marketing move in my book…


This might be preference but it would be cool to deal with portals in from trig space. I enjoy blasting as much as anyone in eve does but I was hoping for some sort of tier based escalations depending on what system you were in.

If all this is going be is roving rats and half the reward is going to be tied to salvage, the non-purple salvaging needs to trigger a criminal stat and shoot on sight. Also I would appreciate some thing extra to make these rats different than something like roving blood raider rats.


I sent a message to the new CSM candidates earlier today (yesterday) about the incursion changes and other unwanted content changes in EVE. I expected to be completely ignored and maybe even immaturely criticized in some childish way. Instead, I received some of the most decent open minded responses. It doesn’t mean anything right now anymore more then some CSM candidates at least listened respectfully. I wish to post some of the comments made aswell notate small portions of conversations I had on this post. PLEASE, use this interaction to help make informed decisions about your vote

I’m gonna post these initial reactions in separate replies.

Re: Incursions and nerfs 1of1
From: Zap InSpace
Sent: 2019.06.15 16:08
To: Tovh,

As an active member of TDF, I felt this hit as much as many of you.
For a very long time I have been of the opinion that incursions payed out way more than they should due to the low risk they now present. I felt that the initail round of nerfs were overal a good measure. This latest round, however, I feel was poorly managed and even more poorly communicated on top of being overly agressive.

The fact that, as I am writing this, there is only 1 HS incursion available an it is in its mobilized state is a problem. The downtime that incursion communities face now is a bit too long. content is what keeps people playing after all.

If given the chance to do the job of a csm rep, I would have tried to explain that I felt that the nerf was too much and while I still would have expected them to nerf the incursions, would have pushed for more of a 25% nerf and not the massive drop in content. Furthermore, I belive that the correct course of action in this nerf would have not been to hit the amount of incursion focuses, but instead rebalance the payouts. I think that this would more accuratly achive the goal the CCP had when they deployed the HS nerfs but would not have been as harmful as the latest nerfs.

While my primary goal on CSM is much like teddy Gbyc and ExookiZ. The is to ensure that wormholes are not seen as an unintended consequence to nerfs and bufs, incursions are my second favorite form of content in eve, and when the community gets blindsided by changes like these it hurts.

Thank you for your support.
Zap InSpace

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Nahtor Raschura

A fantastic gentleman. He gave me his Teamspeak info so we could speak in person. He listened to everything I had to say. He took note of my points. He kept an open mind.

Doris Andedarie > Tovh thanks for your mail.

Doris stopped in to TDF chat and just, chatted. Nothing mentioned in specific, but again, was decent enough to say hello.

Mike Azariah > but you do know, even if elected I cannot and will not promise a fix, just that you will have a voice in there

Mike stopped in aswell. Fun person to speak to.

From: Lucrative Business Opportunity
Sent: 2019.06.15 17:03
To: Tovh,

Hello Tovh,

Thanks for taking the time to write to me, as well as my fellow candidates.

The incursion changes is something I admitedly had not noticed and I fully understand that it would not go down well with the community (who would have thought otherwise?). A downgrade of two thirds concurrent sites is a very large hit to the playstyle of a sizable community in Eve, many of whom use this as their primary income source to fund their other endeavours. Many dedicated runners have considerable financial risk tied into their incursions, both in moving them to the systems as well as fighting in them. So the risk of moving to the single Incursion has just increased considerably, let alone if it spawns in a highsec island. As a former runner, I still have the large investment waiting to go still, but now that it is so scaled back, the risk in moving may not justify it now.

Conversely, I can see from a lore and game advancing perspective why CCP would make such a change, the Drifters, Triglavians, and Sansha’s Nation have quite a rich lore backstory which would translate quite well, as CCP has done, with the current patch with the incursion scale backs and the increased Triglavian presence in high sec.

However, I believe that the scale back was excessive, and it would be one of the things I, as CSM, would highlight as counter-productive. A gradual scale back would be understandable over time, but such a drastic reduction I feel is unacceptable.

Kind Regards

Lucrative Business Opportunity

Cacique Yuhasz > Tovh thanks for having me here and invite to channel hope to be on csm 14 so can be able to help EVE to do things right , and to be new eden voice to be heard by ccp no other way around csm is a person who know the game but is actually the player day to day in every part of this big universe who can gave the best feed for anything to be fixed or change i hope to work and help if get selected CSM o/ Cacique Yuhasz


I agree with you any others in game who have mentioned this already that the number of incursions should not have just dropped, even if the reason CCP did this was to push more individuals into the invasions, which from what I hear isn’t really living up to the hype.

and ofcourse.
I did receive non respectful immature replies. Can’t post them yet because I have to wait til someone replies here on this forum. I think it is a antispam thing CCP has on their website

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Here’s a reply because I want to hear more responses.

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Thank you o7

Re: Incursions and nerfs
From: Xenuria
Sent: 2019.06.15 22:32
To: Aeryn-Sun, Anveri Vestigo, Arrowspeeed Bounty, Aryth, Blood Ruin, Cacique Yuhasz, Carbon Alabel, Compayn, Cornak Firefist, Crystalline Entity, Darien Avan, ExookiZ, Fiedan, Gobbins, Innominate, Insidious Sainthood, Jurius Doctor, Killah Bee, Liz Lizardbreath, Lucrative Business Opportunity, Manic Velocity, Matthew Dust, Merkelchen, Mr Deathwhisper, Nahtor Raschura, Sort Dragon, Stitch Kaneland, Styxx, teddy Gbyc, The Judge, Tovh, Vily, Zipp Adoudel,

I flew with Brick squad back when TDF and other incursion groups were caught exploiting the mechanic to endlessly farm high sec sites. Headshotting the motherships and closing out the site was a stopgap measure until CCP finally acted. The nerf to incursion as it relates to fewer high sec sites is a good thing. If you disagree with that you can kindly kiss my sacred geometry before depressurizing your cabin. HTFU

You are not allowed to contact Arqui Nurbs.
You are not allowed to contact Aegaeonos.

Re: Incursions and nerfs
From: Crystalline Entity
Sent: 2019.06.15 22:38
To: Aeryn-Sun, Anveri Vestigo, Arrowspeeed Bounty, Aryth, Blood Ruin, Cacique Yuhasz, Carbon Alabel, Compayn, Cornak Firefist, Darien Avan, ExookiZ, Fiedan, Gobbins, Innominate, Insidious Sainthood, Jurius Doctor, Killah Bee, Liz Lizardbreath, Lucrative Business Opportunity, Manic Velocity, Matthew Dust, Merkelchen, Mr Deathwhisper, Nahtor Raschura, Sort Dragon, Stitch Kaneland, Styxx, teddy Gbyc, The Judge, Tovh, Vily, Xenuria, Zipp Adoudel,

Sceptical Crystalline is sceptical

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Another respectful mail response from CSM Candidates:

Re: Incursions and nerfs 1of1
From: Dunk Dinkle
Sent: 2019.06.16 06:12
To: Tovh,

Thanks for the note. The CSM election is not over. So I cannot speak as a CSM member.

No one knows what next for the Triglavian invasion and it’s impact on incursions.

Hopefully we’ll learn more at EVE Toronto. I’ll be sure to ask, even if I am not elected.


Re: Incursions and nerfs
From: Mr Deathwhisper
Sent: 2019.06.16 08:15
To: Tovh,

Thank you for your mail.

Sadly as it stands then are the changes for me to get in on the CSM really small.

But if you like to talk about how incursions have been nerf and what you feel like needs to change to bring it back again people poke me.

Since my CSM campagin is all about fixing usability issues, balancing and the war on clicks, and since its been 5 years sinces i last did incursions in high sec, then am i not up to date on the current state of it.

Best regards,

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This is my first (and possibly my last) post on the Eve forums. I struggled through Eve for a long time, not able to afford to do much. I kept hearing about all the great things you could do in Eve but could never get the ISK to afford to do them. I am not much of a corp member as I have a very irregular schedule and am often offline for weeks or more at a time. No Corp wanted me. I kept reading about Incursions and finally, in a desperate bid to get away from the grind doing the same low earning activities and to keep interested in even logging back to Eve, I suffered and sacrificed and saved every ISK I could. And then the day came when I had just (and I mean just) enough for a Nightmare. With a deep breath I took a GIANT leap of faith and bought my first battleship. WOW! A battleship was a HUGE expense and literally took every ISK I had saved. But, it was the best thing I ever did in Eve. I joined in the WTM community and now I look forward to logging on…it isn’t a grind anymore, it is actually fun. I thought I had finally found my home doing Incursions and interacting with the fleet. Incursions has allowed me to afford to do other activities that I would never have ISK to do.

Sadly, it seems CCP is killing this off…and I will have no choice but to go back to the grind of low isk producing tasks or log off for good. I have one more month of Omega time and if things don’t improve, it will be my last. Come on CCP, do the right thing and fix your mistake with Incursions.


There was never a criminal counter for salvaging.

Incursions were never driving plex prices.

I want to believe you and @Maximus_EnvictoTalon.
I will look at this again … more closely … and answer later.

Quite a few posts to parse. The amount of people complaining seems … unreal.

People like Grumpy, above, make it extremely challenging believing people in this thread are being mostly honest. He’s literally laying out that he’s a money grabbing “levelling up the raven” kind of guy only caring about the isk. He’s trying to play the pitty card, with the threat of unsubbing, which makes him a bad person.

Hell, he might as well just be an asshole alt trying to make opposition look bigger.

Also, seriously, you guys should stay away from new players.
You’re literally making the situation of the game worse by breeding even more farmers.

I’m not going to enjoy dissecting this thread.

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Wow, I am not even sure where to begin with your response. So much hatred…yes, the hatred is strong with you. For what’s it’s worth and in all seriousness, you should reach out to someone to get help before you get worse and hurt yourself or someone else.

Now, I do not intend to start a pissing contest with you but since you felt it necessary to attack my character and my position on something game related, I wold like to take a moment of your time to respond.

Firstly, thanks for letting me know what kind of player I am. Strange, I have known myself my entire life and I never once suspected I was “a money grabbing “levelling up the raven” kind of guy only caring about the isk.” Based on the limited amount of information that my original post contained, I suspect that with that kind of analysis, you must be a professional Psychiatrist or mental health care professional and I should therefore be expecting a bill for your services…or was this one free?

And I thought I was just a casual player who is trying to make some ISK so I can experience the wider and varied content in the game. Boy, was I apparently totally wrong about myself and my play style. Thanks for setting me straight!

"money grabbing “levelling up the raven” kind of guy only caring about the isk. - If I cared ONLY about ISK, why would I use whatever ISK I can get to try other things in the game that I have not tried before? If what you call me was true, I would simply horde my ISK and not buy skill books or ships & equipment to try, oh, say exploration, or doing security missions, or doing courier missions, or doing market arbitrage, or start manufacturing items for personal use or resale, or reprocessing ore, or any of the plethora of other activities I can now afford to do. Heck, I even bought a fast, stealthy ship just so I could FINALLY leave high sec for the first time and see a bit more of the vastness of Eve. But nope, you immediately assume and posit that it all goes into an account somewhere never to be seen or used again. Bravo! Well done to you!!! o7!

And where did I ask for your, or anyone else’s pity? I never asked for it, nor do I want your pity. I simply asked CCP to fix what I perceive to be their error with Incursions, nothing more, nothing less. But in your eyes, that makes me an “asshole”. So, whenever anyone asks CCP to look at something game related they are now an “asshole”? Well, at least I will have plenty of company to talk to at the next “We are Eve Assholes” monthly meeting. I suspect you might be there also…just a guess though. :wink:

You say that WTM should stay away from new players. Perhaps it is you that should stay away not just new players, but all players. And most importantly, please stay away from giving advice, ANY advice, because (I hate to break this to you) your advice is terrible and one could get better advice from the old “Ask the Eight Ball” toy.

I work two full time jobs so I don’t have a lot of discretionary income so when I do spend it on luxury items (like computer games), I expect to actually enjoy what I am doing. GASP! I enjoy doing Incursions. It has allowed me to experience other parts of the game that I never could. If CCP changes (in my opinion for the worse) the thing that I enjoy doing, why should I continue to give them money? Seriously, why? But, if not paying CCP for another month of Omega time makes me a bad person, so be it. I can live with that. Maybe I can use that money to seek counseling on my “ISK hording” problem.

Have a great day and seriously, let the hate go. It will just burn you up. Just let it go.

And remember, always Be excellent to each other!


I’m not going to read this, because it starts salty.
That’s simply not worth it.

You’re a farmer.


Actually you are right…I do farm part time…corn and soy beans.