We should get free days as many days chat is effed up

What the title says, 5 and counting.



lol, here comes the flame from the fanboys that burns so hot, its blinded them.

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12 years ago ccp would give 1 day for free if there was the least ammount of an annoying bug, not anymore, though.

what’s blindingly sad is that some folks don’t remember it, or maybe they didn’t play back then =)


CCP you have a loyal Player base for 20 years that use the chat for fleet ops / strategic ops / covert ops / mining ops it is a vital part of the games social network it prides its self on so much since it has been spotty i would bet it has seen the player base drop in turn the revenue it generates .
I love the game ive come back to the game after meany years away and fell in love with it all over again dont make this the thing that kills the game or the community that you have built over 20 years and players love…

Hm, living in wormholes for many years, I wonder what this “chat” thingy is people complain about. Do you need it to play? What do I miss? :smirk:


Another type of a guy who shouts “give freebies” as soon as he experiences some inconvenience.


“Some” - CCP bills accounts in 30-day periods. Five days is 16% of the subscription period, a subscription period that costs $5 more than it did a year ago - even more if you live outside of the US, UK or EU. I wonder why people might be mad?

But hey, you’re right it’s only five days. Once we hit downtime it will be 20% of a billing period with one of the most crucial functions of Eve out of action.

p.s. Before you insert the yada yada local crap here, it’s not just local, it’s corp/alliance/fleet/all the chats. Oh and the 1m SP spam, how am I meant to get my 1m sp? :rofl:


If you cant find fun during this time, your are a boring old krab


Maybe I like ■■■■ posting with people in chat?

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Statement not only stands, it was just proven

You know what, you’ve convinced me. I withdraw all of my previous comments, I was wrong to come and play this game to socialise with other internet spaceship players. My mistake for thinking it was an online multiplayer game…

I’m going to #technology-research:player-features-ideas to propose CCP turn off Eve Mails, mailing lists, trades, station membership lists, duels… and that we turn this into a single-player game. Please upvote my thread, together we can make Eve be what it was always meant to be!


No idea what you are on about, but I was just chatting to my corp mates on Discord about the chat being down and being socialable.

You may wish to open your mind to the concept of other ways of doing things.

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I mean…this is kind of a massive joke that they havent fixed it yet…like WTF.

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Good point, I need a friend to buy me a contract in <insert region here>, let me just link the contract to him in Discord… oh wait.

I get the whole, HTFU thing is strong in Eve, hell I just linked the video to someone the other day; however, the lack of an instant communication feature is a big problem. There is a reason chat systems are common component of MMOs.


Contracts arent broken.

You just tell him what one you want.

Pretending to be dumb is just stupid at this stage.

I never said they were. I said I couldn’t link to a contract in Discord that someone could click on and buy for me. Simply giving an example of why Discord is not a good replacement for in-game chat.


And I told you the work around.

And you do know screen caps exist.

You are literally complaining that two dozen key strokes are some kind of paralysis that three clicks arent

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Not quite, I’m complaining that CCP broke a fairly fundamental component of an MMORPG, the communication system and that they don’t care enough to fix it or provide reasonable updates while still being more than happy to take our money.

The examples I posted above about why chat is important were a rebuttal to your earlier comment that

Out of curiosity, let’s say AWS was the issue and Amazon had decided not to work on fixing things in a reasonable time frame do you think CCP would be happy about this? Or do you think they would want compensation too?


You are guessing now as to the situation and ignorant of the EULA.

I have no idea what any of that is.

All I can say is that local chat is empty most of the time, the only people who are complaining are krabs who cant use their own OpSec properly, and there is no function in the game that chat providees that other systems cannot provide, often better. EvE Mail isnt broken either, so you can even send links in real time.

Further, if you want to talk “Let’s say”:

Lets say you are Alpha, what compensation should an Alpha get for his loss of " a fairly fundamental component of an MMORPG"?

Oh I’m very familiar with section 11 of the EULA, but I also know that customers can vote with their wallets. What you see here is an extension of that, people making their displeasure and their expectations known.

CCP isn’t obligated to offer any refund, and may choose to ignore them, but if they do they risk further alienating their paying customers. Both CCP and each player has to make a decision about how far they are willing to bend :slight_smile:

For context, AWS is the cloud hosting provider that CCP uses to host their chat servers. You can read more about that here: New Chat Backend Coming With The March Release | EVE Online. (side rant: CCP host on someone else’s machines, but they’re not outsourcing. Sorry but I’ve seen that misconception a lot in the last 48 hours and it pains me).

The reason I brought it up, is because we can draw some parallels between our relationship with CCP Games and their relationship with Amazon Web Services. You responded to the OP by saying if they couldn’t find a way to enjoy the game when part of the game they presumably pay a sub for that they were a “boring old crab”. My question was would CCP expect compensation if the product (cloud compute power) they pay for didn’t work.

Now granted, I say “some parallels” because cloud hosting providers tend to provide a SLA and AWS is no different, obviously section 11 of the EULA precludes that in our relationship with CCP. But again whether or not CCP are obligated to compensate people, they risk losing customers if they don’t.

With all of that said, it’s midnight so I really have to go, but I want to answer your last question first:

  • Regardless of a player’s clone state, a good starting point would be more communication from CCP. It’s been a couple of days now and we still know nothing

  • Failing official communication, some empathy from CCP would go a long way

  • If they were to decide to compensate the players, something they’ve done several times before I might add - what about alpha clones…? As a small gesture of good faith, they could always chuck them a couple of alpha skill injectors, or three days of Omega and an expert system - ultimately it costs them nothing, but it may just cause them to convert some free-to-play players who were on the fence to paid subscribe status. - Why not turn a bad situation into a win?

Anyway, off to bed, good night and fly safe.