Weapons and countermeasures


What is your favorite kind of weapons?

Can you list the countermeasures available to a capsuleer?
What kind of countermeasures do you prefer and why?

Thanks for your time.
Fly blind :sweat_smile:

I used to prefer Defender Missiles because they were cool, useful and a reason for a utility slot.

Then they changed them to something useless for null , I dunno, anti bomb something blah.


my favorite is lasers
because of god
i use lasers because i use 99% of the times amarr , blood raiders and sansha ships
they have medium tracking , medium damage , medium range…
at medium range they have better damage than most weapons so to some people its surprising
for example people said to me OMG you have a lot of damage in FW , its not that my damage is that great but that i can do nice damage at 10 km
the best thing about lasers is the ammo , we use to carry few crystals , not thousands of every ammo
fast changing is awesome to , if you understand the ammo you can be in optimal conditions during all the length of the fight because you can fast swap


The irony! Samcha?

Drones not a weapon?


Running away. Cause they blowin my spaceship up.


Dammit CCP!! Keep your shaky hands away from the game!

:rofl::rofl: He who runs away can fight another day.

Amen to that, lol

I like lazers too. That’s the only thing you worthless Amarrians have going for yourselves :laughing:
I’m joking, sir. Don’t get all high and mighty on me… well, high is OK I guess.


Drones are very much weapons! I forgot them because I don’t bother with them.
Which drones do you like best?

I’m a Gila boy. Medium Tier 2 drones.

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Ooooooh Gilaaaa…

That ship turns me on!

A witty remark.

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my favorite line of ships
tracking bonus + afterburner bonus complement lasers very well
you can control distance and maintain the weird laser range
it kinda negate the weapon system weakness

thats why i like the coercer so much… they also have the tracking thing

a range bonus could make the cut to because you can use shorter range better tracking ammo so it can be similar im some cases

i guess lasers need more tracking to be good imo

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Thon’s Modified Multispectral ECM
dank 120km falcon jams

Blasters, because I love the Hecate and Deimos.

For countermeasures in general, I like nothing more than wallet tank. Fed a Deimos? Already Replaced


I’m gonna have to look that one up. Sounds impressive. Got to see if it’s as useful as its name suggests.

I like the Coercer, yes I do, sir.

More tracking and surgical strike as well. The beams tend to scatter otherwise.


No countermeasures because I’m crazy. :rofl:

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Vorton projectors cuz ZZZAAAPPP