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My launcher is not working this morning. Game is acting weird.

Launcher is lagging behind and not working.

Game is hanging.

My internet is fine.

i cant even log in in launcher get error only

EVE STILL screwed up.

Are you guys getting hacked and our credit card info and what not being stolen?

you guys need to get your stuff worked out this is getting old and after 13 years playing I am thinking of hanging my guns up !!!

stop making RAP videos on youtube and fix the damn server

Suka-blyat kak oni zaebali. )

ccp is the only company that will never update is server because CCP THINK
as much i love the new dlc a new improved server would be way better
so big fight would no longer have the time dilation

any chance ccp could test these patches before they go live isn’t that the word test server name is for? or is it for some thing else?

i havnt been in game since 17, since ive been back the launcher will not no matter what remember my accounts, ive tried reloading eve, after uninstalling it twice, even went in and found any file named eve after uninstalling, reloaded my chars, and close the launcher… nada.not sure whats goin on. ive run it in admin mode, ive checked the box remember my account, and ive pinned account to launcher. should it be this hard? aggrivating over the past few days to add several accounts only to tomorrow to do the same. always loved the game hopefully you can give me a fix or let me know something, thanks

“This is the place to talk about the EVE Launcher” per your post. We, as players, have been posting about Launcher issues, however, WHO THERE at CCP is LISTENING or even READING our posts RE: the Launcher issues we are having?

After reading these posts and I have been experiencing the same errors for months also (since late Dec. '17), launcher errors have been going on for MONTHS. Sometimes the posted fixes work for a short time, more often than not, it doesn’t work at all. Turn in a Bug Report, sent the LogLite files and the “debugger” says it is a “Customer Support Problem” and to go there. Went there and solutions only work for a short time.

This is an ongoing problem and it appears to be getting worse. To borrow a line from a Star Trek episode, " Is there ANYBODY OUT THERE?"

my launcher is not working most of the time it’s white sometimes it shows Please wait

Checking GUI version…RETRY what’s going on how can i fix this??
please help me!!

Ебаные дцпешники - вы когда нибудь наладите вход в игру?

Я не знаю лопнyл мой корабль или нет, но из-за вылета мои дроны и корабль остались в бою надеюсь что он отварпал, если нет верните корабль или деньги в полном объеме за корабль и его оснащение, ваша оплошность.


my Launcher doesnt Work but my Internet Works.
And cannot connect with EVE Web Site?!
Whats wrong this Morning?

Greetz and Fly Safe :wink:

about half people I talked too same thing socket closing even my ISP provider checked my connection reset it worked 5 min guess 3 days now no play but pay

Cant log in since last week, got some tickets but nothing happen. Your gonna fix it soon? guess ill run out of omega time

nope they wont or not willing ask for help outside there company I know other games had issue fixed not did since so they can keep telling me it my end and I keep spamming tickets because it not issue my end at all had isp provider check and even reboot found nothing all work as should mean I run business net 85mb more then enough considering most is 30mb standard

when are you going to fix the launcher im tired of logging more then one toon at a time

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Can’t stand this one, @chandraboy !
Oh and the password pop-up that I have changed to something most definitely NOT common…every single time and account.
Has been a problem for a very long time now.