Wh defense availability

So, if i get it right, the option for the defender to choose the weekly vulnerability window will be removed. Basically, for w-space small corps, CCP basically replaces the POSes which have automatic strong defenses with citadels that have weak manual defenses and must be manned and have a defense fleet ready within 2 days from the time the attacker chooses. Because any small corp made of people who have jobs and families can afford to spend a few hours whenever a group of high-school kids decide to attack their structures.

EDIT : after Steve Ronuken explained ( thank you ) i have reviewed the recording of the presentation and indeed the defenders do lose the capability to choose the weekly vulnerability window for shield attack, but they choose the time for the armor attack and the time and day for the hull attack. How this influences the wh life is still unclear a bit because i am not sure if the services of the citadel can still be used after shield reinforcement and before armor reinforcement ( i.e. enough for someone o take out his valuables ).

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To be fair, if you’re not able to defend it, why should you be allowed to keep it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Except small corps could defend their homes when they could choose the time. Now their investment is under far higher risk without the trade off of being able to strongly defend itself as pos could. This may be a move too far the other way for smaller WH entities. Time will tell I guess.

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we are able to defend it just not in any day of the week and at any time. Because we are what we call adults with responsibilities in RL. So your question basically is “if you are someone who has a RL why do you play this game ?”

High sec structures are in a similer situation but not so mcuh due to lack of timers to defend but more to the fact that a vast majority of defence options that WH low and Null sec structures get are totaly removed from the structures all together leaving them pretty useless.

Then i suggest recruiting people in multiple timezones so you CAN defend your expensive pinata, i mean this is a game, a luxury, you don’t “have” to be able to do everything all of the time, CCP decided that not enough citadels are exploding and have taken steps to make more of them explode, seems fine to me


Luckily (but still a risk), the way Fozzie described it:

  1. Attacker chooses when to attack shield (24/7 vulnerability now)
  2. Attacker chooses time, Defender chooses date (1-2 days from initial attack) to defend armor
  3. Defender chooses when the final timer for structure ends

So the attacker has initial flexibility and defender has final flexibility.

You’ll still be able to set the date and time for the final timer and be able to set that, at a time that best suits your Corp.

What will be required though is to always keep a module online. Without a module in your Citadel/EC/Drilling Platform online, it will be considered as inactive and there is no final timer.


Attacker chooses the first day and time.

Defender chooses the second time (the day is chosen by when the attacker attacked the first time)

Defender chooses the third time and day

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Ah yes. That’s right. I had that backwards.

So a corp that is one TZ only and wishes to remain that way can be sleeping or at work and their structures can be attacked? and there isn’t a thing they can do about it. IMO this is utter garbage CCP!!

We can certainly defend our own in our TZ, so why should we or any corp be forced to recruit other TZ’s if they choose not to?

Classic example of CCP looking after the big guys again if you ask me!

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Yes there is something you can do about it. Not for the first timer sure. But nothing actually gets turned off for loosing the first timer.

Second timer you can set to the time that day when you can mount the best defense in a hurry.

If you loose that you STILL have a final chance. And this time you have a whole week to heathen plan and prepare your defense fleet and get to choose the day and time when you are strongest.

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Yes but in the wh the third time must be at most 24 hrs after the second. As he said, “if the attacker wants the fight to take place in the weekend, he can arrange it so”. Or at least thats how i understood it.

the second timer is chosen by the attacker. As for the third, the defender has a whole week only in hisec. 3 days in null/low and one day in w-space.

So its either we go multinational to be able to play 24/7 or stay in hisec/stop playing the game.



You pick a day of the week you can defend.

If you pick friday, and they attack on monday, you defend on friday.

If they attack on thursday, then you defend the friday the next week. (they attack. they do the second timer on friday. the third timer ends on the day you specified, at least 1 day later. which is the following friday)

if they attacked on wednesday, then the second timer is thursday, the the third is friday

At the time that you specify. Only the first timer is at the attackers choice.

That wold be good but then what is the difference between hisec/null/wh ? They said its 7/3/1 day between citadel reinf states. If that is true, then its only one day not next week.

In your mind, this game is only played by USAmericans?

EVE ONLINE isn’t solely filled with these people. There are actual adults in this game, who are off work when you are at work, and they likely wouldn’t whine like highschool kids about other people attacking them when they’re at work.

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Oh that whining argument again. Typical for players who have no care in the world.

I suppose you dont care if you are attacked at 7am because its very easy for you to fight while you get your kids ready for school ? Or tuesday afternoons when you have to tell your students “sorry, class dismissed because i need to defend my astrahus” ? Or during your hospital shifts ?

most of the smaller corps consist of players who are actual colleagues or friends in real life and have the same timezone and very often the same work schedule. To put up a citadel defense you need at least 5-10 pilots. Multiply that with at least 3 timezones now and you will have a minimum of 15-30 pilots for any corp that wants to keep a citadel in wh. How many w-systems you know that can bring enough content for 30 players ? That is why only smaller corps stay in w-space.


It’s at least X days.



  • You claim that the only people who attack you are highschool kids, which means you ignore that where you live isn’t the rest of the world.
  • You deliberately ignore that there are actual adults from other parts of the world, who will happily attack you when you’re at work.
  • You’re not entitled to your hole.

Of course i’d care… That’s something i’d have to be able to deal with. I wouldn’t complain, though, because i’m an actual adult. I’d find ways to deal with it, like for example, recruiting people from different timezones, who are able to cover the time when i can’t be around. If you can’t do that, kiss your hole goodbye and live with it. It’s not your personal property and treating it like it is means you don’t seem to understand that it’s a game.

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