WH Low Class PushUp / Upgrade

Good Morning,

after all the years we got some Updates for PVP in WH Space.
More WH Connections, Shattred WH System, etc etc …
But something is not realy right any more…

After the change of the MoonOres in HS 0.5 System there were no “need” of the Los Class WH-Systems
even with the last Chanings.
No Small Indu Corps in WH Space.
No more Daytripperes from HS to the Systemm beacause, there 1000 ways to ern more ISK with lesser danger.
No more Small PVP Fights, because of the absense from smaller Corps.

So how we can bring back the “Small WH Corps” ?

  • MoonBelts with Ore in it or with Better MoonOre. No HS stuff …
  • No one need the SkillPoint loss of the T3C. More PVP losses from T3Cs, more Sleeper stuff needet for the Production.
  • Rework the BPCs … More use of the Salvage.
  • T3D & T3C Production only in WH-Space
  • More Exclusive PVE Production in all 4 Regions in EVE. So Player have more to do for interactive exchange from Products.

All reader’s are called to bring up there Idea’s.

ps.: T3C’s like the FN SCAR… :wink:

This whole thing is basically a selfish “please buff my personal play style under the guise of a overall buff to wormholes” argument.

None of what you’ve described are problems (or is even accurate), and none of what you described are solutions to any problems that actually exist or directly or indirectly impact anyone.

T2Cs are underutilized and underperform in relation to T3Cs. When T3Cs were introduced, CCP explicitly said multiple times they were not intended to be better than T2s, just generalized/configurable. CCP has been giving them some love in the last few patches. As such, T2Cs performance should be comparable to (possibly exceed) that of T3Cs in similar subsystem configurations. Fortunately, CCP has been giving them some love in the last few patches.

Nope,… (i even if, NS Player’s also do it)

I play EVE since 2008… my biggest breakes are only for Trips in the Summer.
So nope, i write here down, what people tell me why the left WH Space. Why they are not interessted any more to playing EVE.
And from time to time we sit together at playermeetings in austria and talk about EVE Stuff.
I could also speak abbout the NS Territory Claim Mechaniks and about the old Claim System…

Yeah, i know very well what CCP told us…
But time is going on, and since we have triglavian Ships it would make sense.
Where CCP brought some Love to the T3C’s ? It like to say, “If you take Diesel, its not Waterboarding …”
And we all know what we do with T3C’s …
For every Role, we have an T3C’s. There is no, please wait i have to refit my ship…
And i havent speak about to BUFF Them, i speaked about to make them more useable … or lossable.

I also could say the FN SCAR as an Multi Kaliber Platform, where i can change from 5,56 to 7,62 in the Batteflield is a real great Idea,… well, but no one will change it in an Battle…

The Option of Changing Subsystems and Fitings will only use Single Player in PVP and PVE.

My Intension are only to bring more People back to WH -Space.

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