What Actually Is Eve Online?

Having been a miner, a ganker, a pvper, and an industrialist in my career I support ALL of these objectives!! Let us build each other up and then kill off the weak!!

Eve online is simple: it’s a screensaver with a built in chat function. don’t get airs.


Maybe CCP could even develop and create a new social media platform to rival Tik Tok called, The Sandbox.

How many would use, The Sandbox, in place of Tik Tok?

Though the results would speak for themselves, how about let’s focus on the current communication channels?

Example of a simple solution for @DrysonBennington New Eden Global Chat that is heavily moderated.

For me Eve-Online is a toolbox allowing multiple different gameplay styles to meddle around with.

As a creative person that enjoys role-playing Eve-Online is also a wonderful toolbox for worldbuilding in various different ways. Imagine Eve-Online being like a D&D Dungeon Master’s guide and Monster Manual at the same time. For me the whole point of this game is to create stories, events, relationships and memories = content.

Personally i believe that this is what the game was intended/designed for and thus best enjoyed. It is MMO(RPG) after all and a sand box at it.

I’d like to argue that players who approach Eve-Online as just ‘another video game’ are the ones that end up burning out and quitting. As the old community saying goes “Eve is played in the long run.” which i find true. To play or approach Eve-Online only as PvE game, there isn’t much to offer and it turns the game to another single player that you’ll complete, grind for some achievements and uninstall. This leads to:

Bold statement. For criminal ganker and long lived player this bash, grab and sell is much deeper than you’ve could imagine. It’s doing research on targets, finding names and alts, manipulating others, setting up buy and sell orders for personal gain or information, forming allies for the said bash, preventing other parties allies from defending the said bash using politics as a weapon. List goes on.
The only limit to any of this is how far your imagination, effort and cunningness goes.

You are right that many miners aren’t lazy.
There are very good organized mining groups out there doing mining-pvp’ing. With proper protection fleets. With proper goals working for the bigger picture while at the same time delivering actual content to all of us to enjoy.

There are, however lazy miners. Without any understanding for any of this. Who mine purely for ISK and very often selling their ore directly to some wise market traders buy order with bad price. Or even worse, selling directly to his corporation leadership who’s only agenda most of the time is to just fill hes own wallet. Manipulated to do so with some prefabricated lie of either ‘being part of something’ or ‘we’re building something here’

Most of the big actual content delivering corporations and alliances have their own industrial backbone and aren’t even bothered with the whole topic.

Just a friendly fyi, If anyone or you think pirates buy their ships from the public market with high prices? You’re wrong. It’s hundreds of ships at bulk, cheap and privately. Mined by someone just to build them for pirates. Just for pirates to go and shoot all these other miners so they’re business can bloom. And pirates can have fun. Many pirates even mining and manufacturing with alts when not shooting at other miners.

If i may ask; what are you doing with your industrial efforts?
I’m not assuming anything here.

Historically miners aren’t the lazy type. They are industrious, hard-working honest men.
Fighters are usually wasteful bashers and breakers of things, they rarely keep their word, cannot be trusted & tend to hurt the people around them, even family members.
What is EvE Online? Fortunately t’s only a game.


What Actually Is Eve Online?

The answer to this question has puzzled many for thousands of years with so many answers to the one question. For the answer to this enigma of the ages, it is mostly a personal answer. Others are bound to disagree with any solution.

For me Eve Online is an Ore/Gas Simulation. One can truly enjoy an Ore/Gas Sim, once they understand its nature. There is a certain amount of excitement when you are mining which causes intense feelings of pleasure. The intense fear that one might be caught solo mining can increase the stimulation of the Ore/Gas Sim.

Whatever you believe Eve Online is by your definition is the correct answer for you. Be sure to wash your hands after solo mining operations. Fly safe o7

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Calm down miner.

The real question is, how pathetic would your life have been if Eve Online was never developed.

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We would still have the Excel 97 flight simulator.

But, who would you be without Eve Online?

As you put it :slight_smile:

if Eve Online was never developed.

Who would even know?


Easy, backtrack your life to before Eve Online and go from there without Eve Online.

What if I can’t calm down? After a good Ore/Gas Sim, for some reason I get hungry and raid the icebox.

Fly safe o7

Eve Online is building a fleet to go after High Sec gankers. With miners chasing gankers around in High Sec all of the time, won’t the gankers achieved their goal of keeping miners from mining?

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This happens? Mining frigates with nothing more than tech 1 drones chasing well armed ships? Well my friend who has made a small fortune, does a pretty good job at making ISK. However as I said, Eve Online is the best Ore/Gas Sim online, in my opinion. Typically it is a relaxing experience after the climax of the sudden rush of excitement one gets from achieving a successful Ore/Gas Sim. Doing it for this for ISK alone just cheapens the experience. I know many people like to play it safe, but I don’t mine in hisec, I tend to mine in low sec. I know it is risky but I get more from the experience.

Fly safe o7

Ice said me to say that once you taste the bath water of New Eden you can never go back @DrysonBennington

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If all the miners and industrialists quit tomorrow the PvPers would just make their own ships (hell, a lot already do). Miners and industrialists are basically NPCs. Sure you fill a “role” but you’re easily replaceable by a couple alts. The PvP and ship destruction is what really matters and is the lifeblood of this game. PvEers/industrialists are totally useless without high numbers of ship losses.

What Actually Is Eve Online?

Endless pain and confusion, with fun even outright hilarious moments.
Scatterings of adrenalin rushes and anger, disappointment and boredom…

With the amount of assets in stockpile and docked, I’m surprised CCP hasn’t halted all ship production for a couple of years.

The Industrialist is currently the least needed type in EvE, because they’ve produced 100x more than what has been destroyed since the beginning of the game’s history.

Nor is this there fault. CCP can’t seem to follow the KISS game design doctrine (keep it simple stupid) that would promote mass conflict.

Design low and null such that NPC fleets do a daily incursion and mass structure bashing in every system (daily drifter dreadbombs), that will spice things up fast. A lot of real estate would be open overnight, and so would 100+ independent mini wars over these liberated zones.

Like players, drifter dreadbombs will only attack during station’s timezone. The amount of caps and supers that would get hotdropped while defending against the daily npc dreadbombs would also be great for the same.

Can’t handle it? You don’t belong there.

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