What Actually Is Eve Online?

They did this once, null bears threw a fit.


They need to keep doing it.

“But CCP, now we can’t rent out of 99% of empty space!”

The amount of players that would return to this game, knowing the Null Sec is the new endless frontier, would dwarf the players lost at a 10 to 1 ratio.

I’m sure we all have retired friends that have voiced many times that they’d return to the game if null was severely shaken up. On top of that we would recruit many new players.

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The PvP crowd are secretly excited to announce that they are joining the miners of New Eden .

Ask me how do I know this!


Meanwhile I am still enjoying my Ore/Gas Sim. You can’t buy a better Ore/Gas Sim than Eve Online. Why don’t they make a commercial advert about it?

Have a great April Fools Day, and try to read these posts aloud sometime. I play the long game.


That’s definitely what EvE is! A really strong ore/gas sim.

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Yet I’m still here after 12 years of mining and missioning (along with lots of others).

Oh and the odd foray into Null with a group of guys, wormholes etc. But even in Null it was still ratting in Sanctums and Corp mining fleets to boost the Corp coffers and pay for rent (grrr).

Some may burn out, some may leave after getting their hard earned ship blown up, some may leave after grinding, some might just get bored and move to another game.

As you see, there’s lot’s of reasons players leave, not just because they play the game wrong (in your words).

Nope, we’d still mine and enjoy what we do. What would you do without any ship losses?

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If the miners actually stopped, Eve might crash in a few weeks to a month or two. Back whenever Eve Online first booted up, I don’t remember if there were any minerals or ore already on the market for the new player to build their ships with.

If anyone has the history on when Eve Online opened up, specifically if the markets were populated with minerals and ores before the first batch of player mined ores and minerals were sold on a market, the data would be appreciated.

Prices may change, but I think it’s more likely EVE can continue running for years rather than weeks if miners stopped today.

Everything had to be mined and built, or looted. Only commodities and BPOs were on the market. Minerals and Ores were never seeded by NPCs.

We’ve had almost 21 years of stockpiling, it’s going to take more than a few months to actually affect prices in a way more than just the initial change from preppers…just take a look at when Scarcity happened and when prices started to change.

There are items inside the Market that only supplied from the npc factories that are required for Capsuleers to produce a certain product. Do you know the one?

I had wondered if it was a place holder component that would be changed to a pi material though still it remains.

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As I recall you could buy minerals from the market, not in the true sense though, you docked and bought loads of shuttles, then refined them into Tritanium, they were unlimited, the other minerals could be got by farming Infiltrated Outposts, and collecting the Alloys to refine, farming several missions over and over, got a feeling it was close to a week, I think the Drone regions hit that on the head, I seem to think the mission loot refined rather well with skills, so they nerf’d the refine amounts, I am sure someone will fill any memory lapses I may have.

It’s a social simulator inside an immersive virtual universe.

Despite CCP’s deeply misguided (and/or brazenly corrupt) ongoing and/or increasing casual-pandering “stupidification*”, it’s still one of the very few that gets this right --or really, that has ever got this right in the MMO-sphere.

*(“Stupidification”: That’s a real word, now.)

Not to mention Eve Online draws out the side hustlers who try and mimic or make other, real players, believe that the hustler is actually a gamer when in fact the hustler is not. The hustler tries to make the player seem interested in the game asks for donations to start a large corporation and then abandons the players after a few months of taking their money and providing little in return.

Do you mean in-game ISK or real money?

In the former case, well-played to 'em --scamming is allowed and even encouraged in this harsh, unforgiving universe, with the one exception of the occasional “PLEX For Good” drives CCP does for like natural disaster-relief donations and things like that.
If you fell for a con that sounded too good to be true (Hint: That’s because it was), then you’ve got no-one to blame but yourself.

It takes literally less than a minute and a few mouse-clicks to start a corporation, plus a very nominal ISK fee to set up an office somewhere, which isn’t even needed.

If it was real money, then you 100% deserved what you got, and can probably say goodbye to EVE in due course for RMT’ing.
And you’ll again find who to blame for it all by looking in your nearest convenient mirror.

(And also if it’s the latter case: Good riddance.)

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Blaming a person for being conned is usually due to the person not knowing knowing anyone in the game. Expecting everyone to be paranoid about a con artist is not a way to live life or how to expect a relationship to go.

I don’t think CCP has addressed such issues of ‘Fast Set-Up Corporation Scams.’

EVE online stands for Everyone vs Everyone (aka an MMO)

It just happens to be set in space. I will let you philosophers debate now. EVE is just a huge social experiment.


There is no legitimate need for anyone to ask for “donations” for joining a corp, or “recruitment fee”, or giving them ships/mods/ore whatever to join.
This is true, as far as I know, for joining guilds/circles/whatever player groups in all MMOs, at least every one I’ve ever played and/or even heard of.
If anyone does this whilst promising Bigger and Better Things™ down the road in exchange, then it absolutely is a scam, and nothing more.

But again, this is allowed in EVE --harsh, hyper-capitalistic, and ultra-competeitive dystopian universe and all that.

Just like joining a gym there are members fees.

Ask how is joining a gym any different than joining an active PvP focused corporation?

Sure they have. Players have freewill and agency. Problem solved.

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EVE is a video-game, not real life. RL needs don’t apply to things based in the not-real universe/mechanics of a game.

There are no fees legitimately needed for joining a corp.

Most dedicated PvP corp’s --real ones, I mean-- expect their members to be self-sufficient ISK-wise to deal with losses, and their existing members/officers already will be, so need “fees” even less.

Just accept it, you got “legitimately” (IE, from EVE being EVE) scammed --Learn from your mistake, and move on as a better-informed, more self-reliant player (that’s the kind EVE needs many more of, by the way.).