What are you reading?

I have a Kindle 3 which I bought in 2011 and it still works despite the battery degradation. It can’t handle having more than 100 books on it anymore but that’s a different story.

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I’ve still got my first one in a draw somewhere, case had a fold out light on the top which worked but it’s been collecting dust ever since I replaced it with a Paperwhite.


Yep for any dense book like textbooks, computer books etc I either use my ipad or the PC, only use the kindle for novels.



That’s marvelous - I mean how much more reading does someone need when on the go :smile:

By the way, @LordOdysseus I think I will be adding that Titan book to the Reading List, sounds pretty fascinating

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Yeah these are weird times (most learning I’m doing is distanced from home) but just the thought of not having to lug around a ton of textbooks, so worth it

Not to mention, to be able to search the books too has made some assignments so much easier to do as well!

History of American Literature

by Reuben Post Halleck, M.A., L.L.D

First printed in 1911. Not certain of the print date of the book itself.

The copyright page has this printed on it:

Copyright, 1911, BY

W.P. 33

"Virginia’s foes

To whom, for secret crimes, just vengeance owes

Deserved plagues, dreading their just desert,

Corrupted death by Paracelsian art,

Him to destroy…

Our arms, though ne’er so strong,

Will want the aid of his commanding tongue,

Which conquered more than Caesar."

Monsieur le chat.
Mister the cat, yes.


Bébert (cat)

Famous cat from Louis-Ferdinand Céline.
Bébert is a famous cat of Louis-Ferdinand Céline . Because of its important presence in the author’s work, first in Féerie pour une autre fois and Normance , then in the German trilogy ( From one castle to another , North , Rigodon ), and from its relation particular with his master, he is often considered a character in his own right. He is also one of the most famous cats in French literature , his direct role in novels contributing to his fame [ 1 ] .



In 1935, actor Robert Le Vigan , Céline’s friend, bought a Samaritaine cat for 39 francs for his wife. Gradually abandoned, the animal was picked up in 1942 by Lucette Almansor , the writer’s wife, while they lived in Montmartre . Paris occupied, Céline had the German authorities castrated and issued a certificate of good health in order to be able to keep the animal.

Céline did not have the German authorities castrated , which, not thanks to Google traduction, is misinterpreted as such by it.

Rather, au contraire:

Paris occupied, Céline had the German authorities castrate the cat and establish a certificate of good health in order to be able to keep the animal.

When the couple fled the capital in 1944 to take refuge in Sigmaringen alongside the dignitaries of the Vichy regime, they take the cat with them. The latter will then experience the crossing of Germany in collapse that the writer and his wife travel in their exile, to Denmark. When Céline returns to France, and settles in Meudon, Bébert is still with him. He died there in 1952 aged 17.

(Vieilli) (France) Nickname sometimes given to people named Robert or (more rarely) Albert or even Bertrand.

(Vieilli) = Archaic, old.



vieilli ( feminine singular vieillie , masculine plural vieillis , feminine plural vieillies )

  1. old-fashioned; dated

Further reading[edit]

En partic. Vieillir en subissant plus ou moins les assauts du temps et les altérations physiques et morales propres à la vieillesse. Vieillir bien, mal. Le duc de Guermantes, dont j’avais admiré, en le regardant assis sur une chaise, combien il avait peu vieilli bien qu’il eût tellement plus d’années que moi (Proust, Temps retr. , 1922, p. 1047).

  • In particular : - Aging more or less undergoing the onslaught of time and the physical and moral alterations specific to old age. Aging well, badly. The Duc de Guermantes, whom I had admired, looking at him seated on a chair, how little he had aged although he was so much older than me (Proust, Temps retr., 1922, p. 1047).

It is,indeed, fascinating if you ask me. In the book the author tells how Rockefeller rose to power and how he justified everything he did.

I’m still at 19% for three reasons:

  1. The book has so many pages.
  2. I haven’t read these last two days.
  3. I’m a slow reader.

I was recommended to read The Dresden Files. They told me it is like Harry Potter, but for grown-ups.

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hi, I just started to read the lord of the rings:the two towers. its good.

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