What Did I Train This Skill For?

It’s so nice to have Amarr Cruiser level V ( or whatever ).

But hold on. In the intervening days since I added it to the skills queue I have long forgotten what I specifically trained it for.

Naturally, CCP added a lovely ‘Skills Notes’ system that says ’ you trained this for the Zealot bonuses ’

They didn’t ? Oh…that’s a bit remiss isn’t it.

I mean, yes, I do make my own notes…but really the system ought to have its own means of adding a ‘training this skill for…’ note.


Sort of missing the point. I know the Amarr Cruiser skill is for the Amarr Cruiser. I want to know specifically which one and why I added the skill and not some other one. This is not just for Amarr Cruisers but every skill. What specific goal am I aiming for in training the skill. Why am I training Heavy Beam Laser ? What ship is that going to go on…and so on.

Are you sure that you arent maybe suffering from dementia?


Is that a requirement for Eve now ?

I’m just saying, this doesn’t feel like a super big deal to me and hey, like you said, a solution already exists
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Post it notes ! How 1980s. What’s wrong with simply coding a notes facility into the skills menu ? In fact any decent system would link skills in the queue to a ship fitting and show all those in the current queue relevant to that ship…and vice versa.

Or you could, you know, just use your head and go “I am training for a Heavy Assault Cruiser”


Sigh…I may be training for multiple things. Do you practice being obfuscatory or is there some Level V skill in it that’s not on the skills queue ? What’s wrong with there simply being a built in notes system ? It would be extremely useful.

I would expect to be able to make suggestions here ( you know…that is what it’s for ) without a bunch of silly snide comments that serve no purpose whatever.

You want to remember years later why you trained a skill? I don’t quite see the point but try the Notepad in game.


You can have your post it in EVE-skillplan.net

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No…I simply want, when a message comes up saying ’ level V skill now trained’, to be able to immediately see what I trained it for. It may be some ship in a dock 57 jumps away that I have long forgotten about in the 23 days it took to train the skill. It would undoubtedly be useful to be reminded what the training was for…especially as some training is not specifically to ‘fly’ a ship but to gain the bonus advantages, etc.

This is especially the case if new skills take priority in the queue ( for example some change of corp doctrine ) and other skills slide down the queue. One can end up completely forgetting what the skills that slide down the queue were put there for in the first place.

"Dear Diary, today I trained Amarr Cruiser to V, but I forgot why I even did that."

You need one of these. Can be quite absorbing literature.


…or you could make your suggestions for features and ideas in the…features & ideas forum section…


There is milestone feature in skill plans. I know it is not exactly what you want but at least in a visual way you could had plucked that ship there. But I guess it would be an overkill to pack every skill path into a skill plan. Or it wouldn’t?

Is this REALLY a community problem?

And yes this thread should be moved per Xuxe Xu


if you forgot it, it was not that important. maybe the rest of your training queue indicates what you wanted to do with this skill, since most ppl train up weapon skills timely.

the phantasm is a great ship that needs this skill, if you already have hac/recon 5 the sac and curse are also really nice.

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Looks like a pretty big note to me:



You trained it so you can start training the core components to fly the Legion.

Glad I could help remind you.

Now you just need to get all your armor resistances to V as well as cap skills and don’t forget, medium pulse laser specialization to V.

Oh, and for those extra giggles, energy neutralization to V as well.

By they way, there is also an in game note application as well.

Senpai, Teach me!

How did you do that?

Not that I’ll ever use it. My skill queues are fairly simplistic with obtaining one goal at a time. Sometimes 2, but that gets dicey. My poor brain can barley handle walking and chewing gun at the same time.