What disgusts you?

CCP has said the “elite players” have an average of 7 accounts or more.
in what way they were “elite”… I’m not sure of, but I think it was implied or perhaps outright said it was in pvp.

The Launcher Updates resetting my client to default on all 4 of my accounts 3 times now within this past week. And it no longer reads my saved settings in C drive.

It’s not only disgusting, it also gives good cause for rage.

People who assume without knowing and make deductions without all the facts and then start hating based on flawed knowledge. Yuuuk!

CCPs poor game design! It favours rage quite for beinngers because the lowest filth of gamers is allowed to gank in high sec. I knew this bad game design from ohter games, like Naval Action, it is the safest way to get all new players away from the game.
The long-term result is no new players, this had always helped any MMO to survive, only people with an IQ less than one find this is good idea of game design.

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You just described ninety-nine percent of mankind. I do not disagree.

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do you mean rage quit ? for beginners . why would a new player be bothered by ganking ? they dont have anything worth ganking for and even if they are ganked they will just assume its part of the game as they dont know any different , that is unless grima wormtongue or his ilk has got to them first of course.

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That many?? Man… we be f@cked if that’s accurate.

Trust no statistics, obey no orders.

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OMG… raw or cooked.


Oh, and also half of each factions ship designs.

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I guess you’ll never be like Popeye :sweat_smile:

ISD puppets puppets that can only close threads.