What do you like to do

(Che Biko) #21

Photography, playing and listening to music, singing, dancing, gaming, watching movies or casts, Partying, drugs, women, love, enjoying nature and greens and sunlight, gravskiing.

(Aria Jenneth) #22

Reading, gardening, traveling-- visiting new places-- when I get the chance. Learning or talking with people about this world we inhabit, and our place in it. Dancing, when I get the opportunity.

(Viktor Revon) #23

Drinking at one of a few specific pubs. Studying the cuisines of New Eden, as well as experimenting with food and drink. Making the occasional appearance during an event that catches my eye. Roaming around with inexperienced pilots to show them the beauty, and brutality of New Eden. I also enjoy reading.

(Pieter Tuulinen) #24

I like to stay in shape - running, lifting and a couple of martial arts and sports. I recently participated in the build of my family home. I watch Splinterz and drink with friends and attend some Capsuleer Society functions.

(Sterling Blades) #25

Drawing, when the mood strikes me and I am not already occupied by other matters… And hand sewing, on occassion. The motions are familiar, and comfortable in a way. Slow, consistent, and manageable.

(Kador Ouryon) #26

A sixty year old Quafe machine for an Outer City residence was one of my first projects. Buffed as many of the scratches and nicks out of the metalwork, replaced the touchscreen for the beverage selection, moulded a new set of credit inserts and ISK transference points.

I spent about sixty hours learning the finer points of dye and needle work to help restore a loom for someone. That said I could only really help with the basics so finding the original Fannan who wove with it was tricky.

Given enough time and effort just about anything.

(Kaerin Urisa) #27

Well, outside the pod? I spend an unreasonable amount of time finding and acquiring booze, and then I drink it because I can’t find a date.

As for an actual hobby? Pool, music, nothing impressive, really.

(Mika Firestorm) #28

Holo games

(Maria Daphiti) #29

I like to surf and enjoy the beach.

(Gan Anstian) #30

I’m partial to enjoying time with close friends, holo games, steady reading, and really anything involving biological studies.

(Omega Jovakko) #31

Building model ships

(Azazel Drakonis) #32

When not engaged in combat, you can often find me at the local bar relaxing and catching up on my fellow alliance mates latest adventures or watching combat holovids in an attempt to learn something new to bring to the battlefield.

(Andreus Ixiris) #33

Agonize over whether the original research that went into my doctorate thesis will be used responsibly.

Agonize over how I’ve only been “immortal” a little over ten years now, and yet it feels like an eternity has passed.

Agonize over how I never seem to have enough ISK, even though I could probably run an entire planet’s economy in perpetuity with a fifth of what I have in my wallet.

Agonize over how no film, game or piece of music seems to assuage the ennui for more than a few hours at a time.

Agonize how as a member of a class of people with possibly the largest amount of individual freedom in the history of humanity I seem to be powerless to change literally anything around me.

Oh, wait, what do I like to do?

Oh, well, I’d very much like to not be constantly existentially anxious.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #34

I have fun in whatever way takes my fancy at the time. I heartily recommend it.

(Yarosara Ruil) #35

Dear heavens Mister Ixiris, liven up!

(Azazel Drakonis) #36

Are you sure you’re Gallente? You should be enjoy the endless amounts of adventure and fun the universe has to offer. If anyone can make a party of nothing, it’s us.

(Andreus Ixiris) #37

I’m Intaki. There’s a distinction.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #38

He should be doing whatever. Being Gallente is not synonymous with being a vapid, voracious, v-whatever party animal.

(Azazel Drakonis) #39

Oh come now, just giving you ■■■■. My small attempt to cheer you up…a failure at that.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #40

Drink mostly, with the occasional, bi-weekly drug binge thrown in there y’know, just to mix things up a bit.