What else are you playing?

From Saturday, January 26, 2020.

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Lately I spend more time between Elite Dangerous and No Man’s Sky than Eve, both are fairly well known, but No Man’s Sky new cross platform has some fresh blood into it.

Hardspace : Shipbreaker
Basically - space salvager simulator


Most beautiful thing ever, Psyvariar 2.

I wish i could be as good as Saurian, though…

Psyvariar, unlike most shmups, focuses on mechanic that allows you to gain temporal state in which you can ram into enemies instead of just shooting them. However, you need to find and plan your routes to be in such state as much as you want without failing. You go in this state if you “graze” (almost touch) enemy bullets while being precise enough not to die. When you fill enough of special bar, you gain that ramming state for a short time before it switches off and you can die from one hit again, but if you’re quick’n’accurate enough and planned how to chain many encounters in a specific order, you can extend it. It’s fun to experiment, and also big potential for score chasing, of course with risk/reward dilemma.

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (cybran navy is best navy)
Dark Souls/Sekiro
Sometimes Sins of a Solar Empire
And the ubercasul GW2

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Playing some Avorion lately. Building those space ships block by block :slight_smile: