What else are you playing?

WoW Classic launches tonight. So I’ll try to be a part of the history.

…don’t be crushed by the avalanche…

I play tax evasion in RL. Seriously, I try and avoid it as much as humanly as possible; but alas I’m still human.


Sinking ships while sinking…fun times.

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Nice run and score there!

Uh…Ace Combat 7, Xcom2, still playing Fallout4, No man’s sky, Rebel galaxy outlaw, Mortal Kombat 11, Dark Souls 3, IL-2 Sturmovic.

I’m going to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the pencil and paper and books and plastic die-rolling non-digital thing. Read most of the Player Handbook, used to occasionally DM my smoking friends back in college, I suppose I can hold my own. One player let me know he found a maiden (Rachel Welch) tied to a tree and rescued her, and an NFL football linebacker (Randy White of the Cowboys) had joined the party. Well then, here we go. Get your own Randy White spear-charger or Raquel Welch images for your own campaign. :slight_smile:

Second Galaxy
Newly released space mmorpg that’s similar to EVE in a lot of ways and can be played on PC or mobile.