What else are you playing?

WoW Classic launches tonight. So I’ll try to be a part of the history.

…don’t be crushed by the avalanche…

I play tax evasion in RL. Seriously, I try and avoid it as much as humanly as possible; but alas I’m still human.


Sinking ships while sinking…fun times.

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Nice run and score there!

Uh…Ace Combat 7, Xcom2, still playing Fallout4, No man’s sky, Rebel galaxy outlaw, Mortal Kombat 11, Dark Souls 3, IL-2 Sturmovic.

I’m going to Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the pencil and paper and books and plastic die-rolling non-digital thing. Read most of the Player Handbook, used to occasionally DM my smoking friends back in college, I suppose I can hold my own. One player let me know he found a maiden (Rachel Welch) tied to a tree and rescued her, and an NFL football linebacker (Randy White of the Cowboys) had joined the party. Well then, here we go. Get your own Randy White spear-charger or Raquel Welch images for your own campaign. :slight_smile:

Second Galaxy
Newly released space mmorpg that’s similar to EVE in a lot of ways and can be played on PC or mobile.

Well I have not played eve for 4 years But im currently Playing Anno 1800, Fallout 76 and Risen 3.

https://play0ad.com/game-info/project-overview/ on Ubuntu
It’s basically an original Stronghold ripoff but it’s fun and free.

has its problems thanks to bathsaltsa (read: bethesda) taking a big ol’ corporate dump on it, but those who can look past its many flaws and contain the salt will have at least a little bit of fun.

Advancements in Wine and Valve’s Proton made this game playable on Linux almost as well as it plays in Windows.

There are plenty of entertaining clips of it on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/Quake%20Champions/clips?range=30d

Cosmoteer: 2nd best internet spaceship game eva!




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Tried WarThunder playing tanks. Atlhough it’s better than World of Tanks, it’s the same sh*t: Tier 1 players with 10,000 battles one shot noobs in paperthin tanks, giving little to no chance of taking a hit, carry on and learn a lesson. So you spend three minutes pressing “W” to reach the actual battle, then die in ten seconds to Mr 10,000 kills, then press “W” for another 3 effin minutes as your shitank slugs across the map and then pad again the same camper’s killboard… no way. Fuk it. Been through that with World of Warships (and look how it has ended, Pointfarmers Online), tried WoTs, and it’s enough.

Memo to self: never again play a online FPS unless it just launched.

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