What EVE Taught Me

(Alessienne Ellecon) #1

EVE taught me that:
For every decent person you meet, there are 100 a-holes.
If you’re not going to hide, you’d better be d–ned good at running.
Everything is worth something to the right buyer.
Everyone has their price. Especially if said price is on their head.
Always check the fine print before you sign.
The more languages you speak, the better.
Someone always has more firepower than you.
Someone always has more friends than you.
Not every problem can be solved by throwing money at it. Those that can usually require a lot of money.
No matter how widely hated you are, someone, somewhere, will sympathize with you.
Creativity is magic.
Sometimes, running away really is the best option.
Sometimes cheaper is better.
Enjoy nice things whenever you can have them.
Trust is more precious than gold.

(Avaelica Kuershin) #2

As with the old post, in the old forums, I’ll say that I disagree with the statement about there being one decent person per 100 who are not. IMO, Helpful players are way more common than that.

(Rovinia) #3

I agree with Avaelica and made the opposite experience. But i’m a “the-glass-is-half-full” person :wink:

(Lienhart Cousland) #4

For every nice, chatty person you find, there are a lot of silent, miserable solo people who want to be ignored.

(KaarBaak) #5

A couple minor edits:

If you’re not going to fight, you’d better be good at hiding.
Everything is worth something to the right pirate.
Everyone has their price. Most are pretty low.
Don’t believe the fine print.
Don’t speak to anyone you don’t know.
Most problems can be solved by throwing more money at them. That’s why CCP introduced microtransactions.
No matter how widely liked your are, someone, somewhere, will hate you.
Running away is never the best option.
Sometimes taking from someone else is better than spending your own money.
We’re not allowed to have nice things.
Trust no one.


(Rovinia) #6

Hard to find new friends then, isn’t it?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #7

more like you don’t even notice the 100 decent people, but remember the one a-hole.

(Dan Morvis) #8

The biggest lesson I learned with EVE was “don’t trust the haters”. Had I not listened to the carebears and cry babies, I would have started playing EVE long ago.

(Shiloh Templeton) #9

Observing Null Sec politics of hegemony, infiltration, destruction, disinformation, subterfuge, personal attacks against upstarts, control of the CSM, influencing CCP, profiteering of insider information - has given me a much better understanding of the US political system.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #10


(Jasmine Deer) #11

If I’m ever threatened by thugs all I need to do is stay inside a mall for 7 days.

Names are important. Someone naming his character ViolentKilla is likely offering subtle clues about in-game conduct that astute players can make use of.

Even forum posts written by frequent purveyors of pure drivel should not be totally disregarded as they may contain pearls of wisdom, amusing anecdotes, or simply confirm and reinforce your existing biases.

(Maxi dela Tierra) #12

What life taught me makes me enjoy this game and approach it a constructive and sustainable way.

(Kathern Aurilen) #13

(Ravnik) #14

What Eve taught me…Never read the forums…

(Kathern Aurilen) #15

(yellow parasol) #16

So never speak to anyone, ever? :roll_eyes:

On topic:

When you do what everyone else does, you’ll achieve what everyone else achieves: Mediocrity.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #17

EvE taught me…

You CAN do it all… if you have the resources.

–Gadget also learned that time is a resource

(Draeman Hookah) #18

EVE has taught me many things.

-First and foremost, never risk what you can’t afford to lose. (Not to be confused with taking no risks, just calculated ones).
-Always quadruple check what you’re about to buy and for how much.
-Embrace limitations. Use them to learn what can and can’t be done with what’s available to you. (Alpha Status)
-There is always someone smarter than you.
-Always check your surroundings…(like every 15 seconds or less)
-Not having a wife and kids will drastically improve your ability to attain milestones in numerous activities you participate in.

I’ve got more but I’ll stop there.

(Anke Eyrou) #19

Get out and talk to people you learn so much more.

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #20

No, you just haven’t run into your quota of assholes.