What is CCP adding next year? (speculative)

Here is only some vague stuff about new player improvements and minor graphic updates for winter :

Is something along hardcore gambling coming we will hear 10 days before release? Arenas and betting on PvP matches in game?
Will we see the capskilling bombs being released and Imperium will have to reprocess all caps to veldsparr and use it to finance HyperCores funds for earning ISK on gambling instead of crabbing?

Will Triglavians show up in Tritans with Vodka fuelled doomsdays?

Please write what you think will come next.

Also here is eggplant if you like those, like me :tipping_hand_woman: :eggplant:


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There is going to be a new anti-supercap weapon. The ammo for it will only be available from the New Eden Store.


Animated character portraits with bouncing boobies.


Plex based ship insurance that just respawns the whole ship upon loss, including modules and cargo.

At this point they might as well remove any sort of pretense.


We’ve had Drugs for years. Why are you so hung up on gambling?

As for the rest, I probably wont be around to care. :wink:

As was brought up before, we knew they were going to spend a lot of effort on the NPE. Other than that, we will have to wait and see what “surprises” they have in store. Probably something simple like turning out the lights again…

Ingame character stats are affected by drugs, you are not.
Ingame character stats are not affected by gambling, you are.

I think we need (pve) slots for highsec and casino’s with (pvp) poker and (pve) high stakes roulette! And offcourse walking in casinostations…

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How am I not? What if I get addicted to using drugs to improve my game? I could spend just as much RL money doing that as anything else in the game.

You can develop game addiction, not game drug addiction.

Ever heard of someone developing slot machine lever addiction LOL. :joy:

Yes. Why do you bother to ask?


But you are not getting addicted to lever, just the gambling that is done by it. Its experience you are addicted to, not the particular shape or sound coming with it. It all have to come together to be addictive, the promise to win, the mechanism or random result, finally the psychological tricks designers use. Entirety.

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You can not get addicted to the tool which allows you to get your fix. The drugs aren’t your fix, the result of what happens after you took the drugs is.

Even if the in game drugs continuously make you win all engagements, then you’d still not be addicted to using in game drugs, you’d be addicted to winning. The drugs are equivalent to the money needed to get your fix. The fix is winning, which makes you high. The fact that you can’t win without the drugs doesn’t change that you’re not addicted to the drugs, but to winning.

That is not how it works, though. At some point you will stop caring about winning simply because your brain got too used to it and there simply is no way of continuously amplifying this by taking more drugs and winning harder. You will become bored, you will quit the game and you will spend a lot of time looking for a different game that gives you the same feeling.

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Because of the tolerance developing, its actualy about seeking gradually bigger doses.

Tolerance develops via two main mechanisms:

  1. The liver increases the level of enzymes to metabolise the drug, so it becomes more effective at eliminating the drug.
  2. The brain’s receptors respond to the regular presence of the drug by becoming less sensitive to the drug’s effects.

As brain runs on natural drugs most of the time, it can develop tolerance to the mix thats present during gambling. That is why addicted gambler brain look differently when scanned, to the person without addiction. It gets desesitivized thats why it craves more.

Mining lasers being able to target modules.

Exploding Ice.

Hypercore Jewellery BPCs to turn those pyramids into fetching earrings or mayhaps a brooch.


I think there will be new modules for missiles and improving the trading system. Perhaps communication restrictions will be strengthened. And besides this there will be large fleets of various aggressive fractions traveling around the galaxy. There will be intrusions dangerous to the stations at any time, regardless of the presence of defenders in the game. The big tough guys are too relaxed. The weak flee from danger, the strong sit in their strongholds. Will not work! I am sure there will be pirate fleet commanders who knock on all doors.

Pilots jumping in from Wormholes will not appear in local until they dock up, jump a gate or write in local.

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:anguished: I’ve been trashing those. They’re not going to be useful, are they?

Who knows.

I put them on the floor near Billy’s bed so he stands on em in the morning when he gets up.

Ill take em if you dont want em.

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me too

In seriousness, I dont think they will have alternate use. If anything, maybe other gambling modes, so I wouldnt care too.

They are small pyramids, and I heard pyramids were tombs one time, so it looks like somethings going to die and be buried beneath them… That may be one more alternate use CCP inadvertently(?) designed


Next year we will see content updates around avatars. We will also be seeing more PvP related events. We will see an increase in role playing related content. We will see significant and actually meaningful changes to what is now still called the New Player Experience. We will see an increase in people complaining about the Triglavians. We will be seeing more miners complaining about changes to resource distribution, which we will also be seeing more of. We will see increases in conflict because of said resource distribution.

These aren’t predictions. They’re spoilers.