What is going on with Serpentis Resistances?

Such little reward for such insane resistances, why? on top of this they also dampen your radar so that you can’t scan further than like 10km if 4 of them come. WTH?


What’s the big idea behind these resistances and low rewards?

This is essentially a heavy assault cruiser. There’s usually only a couple at most with resists like this in a spawn. I’d generally recommend killing them last. Take out softer targets to reduce incoming damage and ewar first.

Can’t do, these guys dampen my radar so i can’t lock onto nothing, they have to go first which makes them double annoying.

Okay fine the resists are top tier but why the reward is so low?

That’s about peak bounty for a cruiser. Fit a sensor booster with a range script if they’re causing you trouble with dampeners.

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Heh ofcourse i could change my build just to deal with these guys and if their bounty can’t go up, the resistances must go down, there is no reason for them to be this high! They are just regular level 4 mission spawns and they come in droves, we are not talking just 1-2 of them, there are 4-5 of them in missions like The assault, The blockade, others…they really stand out from normal enemies.

Those missions are meant to be difficult to solo - you either fit accordingly (offset their strengths directly, or kite to be out of their damper range), or bring a friend to fill your fit holes.

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Dampen range is over 80km, my missiles don’t even fly that far…

No level 4 missions are not hard, even if they are meant to be. In Caldari space for example there is never problem with enemies like that, it’s just these damn Serpentis, and before you tell me to go back to Caldari space then, well I am here to fix my broken gallente standings, besides that is not the point. No other faction has ever had such high resists! Forget the dampenings and other shenanigans, explain the resists? Why?

whats the problem for you to have some little challenge?
when you play other mmos, other video games, everythg is easy?
you do the things only for the reward?

I can deal with them, I can still beat all these level 4 missions, they just take longer because I have to wait on drones to remove these damn cruisers. They can still come and have their dampeners, all that is fine, why the high resists though, why make them this much more annoying? Annoying, not challenging.

Yes I only play these missions for reward, most of the time there is no challenge, these Serpentis are no challenge either they just take longer to kill.

Still forget what im doing, forget my motives and fits and all that. Why these guys have such strong resists, what gives? Even normal capsuleers would struggle to get resists this high on thoraxes for both shield and armor, or most likely even impossible.

For comparrison, here is their top tier battle ship giving over a million isk and it goes down faster than the cruiser because it’s resists are much lower…:

I think you maybe missed the concept of a heavy assault cruiser.

They do have better resists than a battleship.

You know you could just fly a Marauder. You’re immune to their ewar in bastion mode.

Heh maybe I have missed that they are assault cruisers, maybe i missed it cause their reward is so un-proportionate to their difficulty, or maybe their difficulty or perhaps longevity is so un-proportionate to everything else level 4 missions throw at me…

I notice you are conveniently leaving out total health points and just pointing to the resistances and isk bounty amounts. Bounties aren’t based on resistance profiles of the ships.

How would i know their total health points?


EVE Online is a 16 year old game with an extensive amount of 3rd party services that provide guidance.


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Thanks i guess, i mean what’s the point of this? I don’t really need guidance on their other stats and mission reports is awesome.

my point is that their resits are way too high for cruisers or call them heavy assault cruisers, or are you saying this is normal and should be like that?

They are elite variants of NPCs. And yes, it’s normal.

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Well if you say so, I really see no point of them having such high resists, and if resists are this high then i can’t see why their bounties are this low, but if you say it’s normal then it must be normal. Can’t wait to leave this gallente space and return to my sweet caldari where skyboxes are of higher quality (not pixelated) and enemies are not made of insane resists…

Again. Bounties are not dictated by resistances. They are set on a scale based on ship hull size. Small - Medium - Large - Capitals

And the point is to have NPCs that provide a challenge against players. Many Elite rats will behave differently from standard rats. Almost all of them will use their racial ewar (for Serpentis, it’s Damps), Elite Frigates may warp disrupt or web you, etc. It’s so that missions pose some challenge and can’t be breezed through on snooze.

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Maybe, but in burner missions frigs give over 2mil and cargo ships give 10mil (depends on mission) so i guess rules can be bent when necessary.

Anyway wont be checking this post anymore. Thanks all for your contributions.