What is the best way to talk to the devs?

Sure, but it’s the same old story with one side being an organized entity ( in this case a couple of businesses ) while the other side is, shall we say, less than disciplined?
Put one hundred EVE players in a room and you’ll have a hundred different opinions on how to improve the game and make it new-player friendly. And because we’re disorganized, with many just happy to be playing, CCP can pick and choose what they’ll do next, regardless of what anyone ( if “everyone” really exists in a game like EVE ) says they should do.
For gamers, everything is a priority but when you deal with budgets and earning margins, many of those priorities quickly become options to exploit.

Short guide to how to definitely make sure that someone will not be on your side …

Yeah, that should do it.


Put another way, You’re right, we do collectively pay their salary. However attempting to use this as a lever to get them to do what you want - < in a slightly hysterical tone of voice > I pay your salary you must therefore listen to me and do exactly what I want right now - is never going to end well.

When people talk like this, people just get annoyed at the person making the statement because it sounds like (and in truth is) a bit condescending and obnoxious. Just because you pay a minuscule part of someones salary does not make them beholden to you and it doesn’t mean they have do attend to your every whim, need or desire.

Simplified: It is nice to be important, but it’s much more important to be nice.

If you want the Devs to do something, being polite and having a strong and persuasive argument is always going to work better than telling them “I pay your wages.


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I do agree with you on that one though!

Not at all hysterical. Neutral tone.

Neutrally said.

We do not pay their wages.
We pay for their salaries.
And we dont pay for botched job.

I dont know how they react or what they do with this fact, they have to fix Imicus and that should be their job, and they should do it right.

They will get money for doing their job, its so simple. Customers pay for good job.

Yea but I don’t think we as EVE players are considered customers with all of what that word entails. We are subscribers, we pay for, or subscribe to, Omega Time. We are not paying for what’s in the game but for access to the the game itself, regardless of what’s in the game.
Customers can demand to speak to a representative, a manager or whatnot and get a refund or an item exchanged ( and even that isn’t guaranteed these days )
Can we as players demand that? Can we demand a refund? Well, you can try and good luck.

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The customers can just stop paying for subscription. And they do, without even demanding anything.

I am sure CCP didnt care about ustomers when they pulled the gambling into the game.

This is poll that I made, voted by only forum users:

I made this, and I have not seen CCP gathering feedback in a form of a poll before they added the gambling. Or after.

This is not how you should treat customers.

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No surprise there, Nina. Depending on the product, most people don’t bother doing surveys sent to emails after purchase, most people can’t be bothered being contacted unless there are defects or some other issue.
I cut my subscription to Omega last year for a number of months. I wasn’t particularly eager to let CCP know why, I thought who cares? I wasn’t disappointed with anything CCP had done either.
Most customers want to buy and expect a product to work as intended without getting a bunch of questions from retailer or manufacturer.
The ones we hear from have an issue with the product. That’s why working in Customer Service demands patience, tact and diplomacy.

[quote=“Nana_Skalski, post:47, topic:296047”]
I made this, and I have not seen CCP gathering feedback in a form of a poll before they added the gambling. Or after.
This is not how you should treat customers. [/quote]

The HyperNet Relay seems to have been a case of Moses descending from the mountain. It was a done deal from the get go, no one could’ve prevented that monstrosity.

Just like 70$ monocles.

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Just like a bunch of other things we read about on these forum every day. Some people at CCP/PA seem to have it all figured out, tell us they do, to trust them and basically play’n’shutup, wait for that :carrot: and not mind the stick… I’d like to remind people that the donkey doesn’t actually get the carrot since it’s the carrot that keeps him walking.
All I say is: Time Will Tell. Let’s see that grand plan when it takes shape. Meanwhile, CCP isn’t holding anyone hostage. We’re all free to continue playing or to unsubscribe.

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But its CCP who will make it say things. They are developing it.

All I say is get the Imicus redesign done.

LOL seems like they do, don’t they? But if the majority of players don’t like the results of that plan we’ll see mass unsub, more empty systems and pissed off corporation heads. It will be quantifiable. One can’t hide the sun.
We’re already seeing discontent through numbers dipping so I doubt CCP will paint a rosy picture if that’s not the case.

Lots of things have to be improved or redone. The Imicus is one and I agree with you on that.

Make it Beautiful.

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It will be beautiful when an Amarri designer gets his hands on it :slightly_smiling_face:

On reddit lmao