"What made you the person you are?"

“Spontaneous violence is nothing new to me… My line of work was one where a comfortable and calm environment typically was one that held a trap in it. You learn to be cautious of such environments, to find real comfort in keeping your guard up and taking notes of your surroundings. If you’ve already walked into the trap, you’re better off figuring out the weakness of it before it springs.”

  • Utatis Parinen

“What made you the person you are?”

October 10th YC 123

6NJ8-V IV - The Rabbit’s Warren Fortizar, bar counter of Kaldak’s Power Noodles and booze!

“-So I’m digging in, right Utatis? I’m digging in and she’s asking me ‘How’s it taste?’ And I’m not sure how to answer that.”

< Utatis calmly stirring his noodles >

“Because really it all tastes dry and fleshy… Not necessarily bad, but it isn’t good either, you know? It just… Doesn’t taste like anything really”

< Utatis unenthusiastically humming his agreement as he takes a bite from his noodles >

“I don’t wanna hurt her feelings and kill the mood, I can tell she’s hoping I tell her it tastes delicious but… Nah.”

< Utatis picking up and having a sip of his drink >

“… Well anyway, that’s her cooking in a nutshell… You know? It’s kinda funny because I have pretty much the same exact issue when it comes to eating her pussy out. See, two-night ago we-”

“-Thulun, I’m gonna need you to shut the ■■■■ and eat your food already. We got places to be.”

“… Alright! Fine! ■■■■ me for trying to start a little conversation, right?”

< Thulun picking his utensils up >

“Boss, you kinda strike me as the type of guy that doesn’t have sex unless it’s to procreate… Like you don’t do anything for ‘fun’ or ‘pleasure’… Has to be some ‘result’ that comes out of it.”

“Very presumptuous of you Agent…”

“Well ■■■■, I’d like to know more about you from yourself if you just opened up and let loose for once.”

“Not the time or place… Besides, I’m your superior and you’re my subordinate. Don’t mistake this for some kind of friendship.”

“■■■■, alright. Wanna be an ice cold ■■■■■■■■■■■■ about it, should have just said so from the jump… Had me thinking you liked me or something for all the times you call me to be your wingman… Figured we were becoming partners or something… Maybe have a good agent - bad agent dynamic, you know? You being the cold bad agent that’s uncaring and aggressive and me being the suave good agent that soothes things over.”

“I trust you, that’s about it.”

“… That’s it? Well guess that’s as good as I’m gonna get from you.”

< Utatis eating his noodles >

“… Can I ask just one question about yourself?”

“Make it count.”

“What made you the person you are?”


< Utatis placing his bowl down and pushing it forward >

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why are you such an emotionally detached psychopath? Why is it that you never crack a smile… Or a frown for that matter. Why is it that taking a life doesn’t seem to shake you in the slightest. What made you this kind of person?”

“… I don’t follow.”

“I-I mean did something tragic happen? Did your pet get mangled in some horrible accident as a kid? Your parents maybe?”




“… Were you molested?”

“I don’t see why something ‘tragic’ must’ve happened to make me who I am. You ever just consider that maybe life isn’t a holo-reel where everyone has a grisly backstory to explain what made them who they are?.. Maybe nothing happened to me and I just became who I am… Naturally.”

“… Holy ■■■■, I actually think that’s worse.”

< Utatis picking his noodle bowl back up >

“… I suggest you finish eating. We gotta be outta here by ten.”

< Thulun slamming his Utensils down >

“Well if only I’d get my ■■■■■■■ dumplings already! Been waiting twenty god damn minutes for them!.. Where’s the hell even is that prick that brought us the food? Not coming around asking if we need refills or nothing!”

“They’re just dumplings… Eat the food you have now.”

“Nah, ■■■■ that! I paid upfront for that overpriced ■■■■! I’m getting those god damn dumplings.”

< Thulun leaning over the bar counter >

“Hey! What’s good?! Could use some service out here!”


“I don’t smell any dumplings in there!”


“You pricks sucking each other off in there or something?”



“The place is empty…”

< Thulun turning his seat and looking around >

“… Well ■■■■, now that you mention it… Yeah, it is empty in here… Even more reason I should have my dump-”

“Forget about the dumplings - Nobody has walked in here since we arrived…”

“… Slow day? There was that one group that was at the table over there.”

“That left shortly after we got here. Before receiving any food. There were no dishes or mess to suggest they ate already…”

“You take notice of this kind of ■■■■?”

“Is that a serious question?”

“Maybe they left because they got left to dry on their orders… I would leave too honestly, service here is terrible…”

< Thulun picking utensils back up >

“You right, let’s just forget the dumplings, lemme finish this up and we’ll head out.”


"Oh by the way, I had a work related question… What happened with receding hairline? Any news from him? Talked a big game…"

“It appears he’s pulling out of the region…”

“Ha! Yeah figured… ■■■■■ was all talk and no bark.”


< Approaching footsteps of a group >

“Man thought he was big game with that muscle at his side, but he don’t want no smoke.”

“Thulun. Get over the counter. Now.”



< Mysterious group drawing weapons and opening fire on Thulun and Utatis >

< Utatis vaulting over the counter >

“■■■■! What the ■■■■?!”

**< Thulun climbing and rolling over the counter > **

< Thulun falling to the floor >

< Glass bottles shattering from gunshots >

“■■■■! I hit my ■■■■■■■ shin on the counter top! ■■■■ man!”

< Utatis drawing a bolt pistol from his jacket >

“Cry about it later Thulun! We got bigger issues.”

< Thulun drawing a scrambler pistol from his jacket >

“Yeah! I can see that! Who are these fucks?”

< Continuous suppressive fire >

< Orders being shouted in Intaki language >

“We’ll figure it out later! Peek around the corner and give me a head count.”

“Are you ■■■■■■■ ser-”

“DO IT!”

“… ■■■■! Fine!”

< Thulun cautiously peaking around the counter corner and quickly retracting as a bullet nearly misses him >

“■■■■! Almost lost my face! ■■■■!”

“How many did you see?”

“Uhhh… Three! Maybe uh… Four? There’s one by the pillar over there.”

“Are you positive about that?!”

“Yeah! Yeah! I am!”


< Utatis popping up and firing off a shot >

< Assailant letting out a cry of pain >

< Shouting in Intaki tongue >

“Oh ■■■■! Nice ■■■■■■■ shot boss!”

“It only bought us some time, they’ll converge on us any second now.”

“What about the kitchen there?”

“Possible trap, we need to push them back, not step back.”

< Thulun blind firing a few shot around the counter’s corner. >

“Well how you suppose we do that?!”

“I’m thinking!”

< Orders being shouted in Intaki tongue >

“… Wait, you hear that? What is thaT?”

“Sounds like a SK9M breach submachine gun, it’s magazine carries-”

“-NoNoNo! Not that! What they’re saying!”

< Intaki shouting >

“Amarrish or some ■■■■? What is that?”

“Again, We’ll worry about that later! Focus! Look, this counter has two openings, one to your side and one to mine.”


“We need to split and break their focus. On three you go left and I’ll go right. You got a pillar over there and I can flip that table over.”

“■■■■, this sounds nuts.”

“It’s this or we die. Are you with me or not?”

“… ■■■■ it! I’m with you!”

"If you hesitate on three then we’re both dead!

“Okay I get it!.. God dammit! I just wanted some ■■■■■■■ dumplings! ■■■■!”

“On three!”

< Suppressive fire >


< Suppressive fire >


< Suppressive fire ending and sound of clips being reloaded >