What non space thing did you do today?

Yesterday after church, I went shopping with a friend. Saw this very daring1 dress that I half jokingly suggested she might like.
Somewhat to my surprise she agreed and went for it.

1. By daring I mean that the neckline wasn’t just plunging slightly, it plunged far enough that not only did it show the navel, but would also show if the wearer shaved. Quite scandalous really.


I went Shopping with a friend and was Persuaded to try on a Dress that was very Revealing, and required the use of Cosmetic Adhesive Tape and Wishful Thinking to stay On.

It Had Pockets. Which was Nice.


In the past few days I’ve been visiting New Caldari for the first time in my life: The Landfall Kutuoto Miru Orbital Center, Landfall Shrine and I’ve been endurance running* in the surrounding parklands. I also took a few sauna’s and did some swimming.

* I mentioned I do a lot of endurance running in an earlier post (perhaps my first in this thread) which was deleted for some reason. It helps me keep a healthy body and mind. Some days I run until I can run no more. Some days I can not run at all, and these are the worst.

Your endlessly running in circles is a metaphor for the Achuran religion. There is no beginning, no ending, no meaning, only endless maya — illusion — with no escape. You run and you run, but you will never find anything, because the Achuran religion offers no hope and no salvation.

Take one last run — into an Amarr church — and kneel. There you will find what you seek. There is your only hope and your only salvation.

Today I had a friend visit my home for the first (or second) time ever. We had tea together.
I also hugged someone for the first time in years. I am glad it was not you, @Nauplius


Went to a fighting pit and maybe lost a bit of Credit, but it was fine the wife won it all back. Then some bloodwine and cocktails before back to being a mother of two again


Lately, I’ve mostly been standing around in meeting halls and standing places, saying the correct traditional phrases and smiling as appropriate, to demonstrate to anyone concerned that I still have an interest to and can be asked to, as Sundsele finalizes reorienting itself after the loss of key individuals in the Deathglow attacks and the resulting trouble over Sundsele Six.

It has been surprisingly pleasant. Spirits at our back.


I fell out of bed this morning onto the floor and hurt my bosoms.

Last night I tried my “predecessor’s” favorite drink, the “Trace Cosmos.” (We’re in Caldari space for a bit, so I thought, why not?) It’s this weird thing-- a kind of viscous or gelatinous alcohol with black-dyed sugar crystals dissolving in it like this constellation of black stars.

It tasted frankly lethal. Not sweet, at least not very, just … really, really strong. It didn’t seem wise to try to finish it.

I wonder why my predecessor liked them.

I was rude on the IGS. :smirk:

I had one of those drinks alongside her after the fleet operation. It was honestly awful.


I reprocessed some of my dishevelled ship crew into nutrient paste and fed it to my currently able ship slave crew.

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And also: Bwahahahahaha!


So, just like every other Tuesday then ?

I ate some really good dumplings at a restaurant in Hulm.


I learnt to do the polka. Well, I think I did. You never know until you get to dance with a partner, I guess.

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Took a shower.

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Tended to my Wind Chime garden


Called my mom.