What ship do you aspire to fly?

Hi everyone, share with me the ship you aspire to fly one day.

For me, it’s the Dramiel. Although probably not a very lofty goal for most, for me piloting a Dramiel symbolises two things:

  1. I’ve become good enough at PvP that I feel I can fly one confidently.
  2. I’ve accumulated enough ISK that I’ve not only bought one, but am willing to lose it too.

As a pretty new capsuleer just really starting to learn PvP, the thought of me flying one of those ships one day is part of what keeps me going despite the relentless losses.


I hope to someday fly an Apostle. It’s a gorgeous design and I love the mentality of the FAX role. It seems like it would be a fun, micro-managing heavy sort of beast in the field and that’s kind of my kink. …I have absolutely zero combat experience though so it’s a long ways off.



Bringing solo back.


I no longer aspire to fly anything. I already use spaceship that is the best for me. Stratios.


Tell me more about it! Why do you like it? What do you use it for?

Well, I use it for exploration, and I like how it can be “all in one” kind of ship, a “swiss knife” type, in the sense that it can do data sites, relic sites, combat sites, cloaking and have decent dps and can stand PvP traps in many situations.

And I like how it looks.


It’s a pretty sexy hull design, yeah. Also has some of the best SKINs in the game.


I’m trained into much better stuff, though find myself flying Condors with T2 fits most of the time. They’re amazingly versatile and fun to fly, specially with a tracking disruptor. Often, I’m able to tackle something and disrupt it to the point where it can’t hit me, then either beat it to death with my 49 DPS or have some bros drop in and kill it. Plus, it’s fast and fun as hell.


I aspire to fly a “Solo Nomad T3C” at some point. Likely it will e a Legion. (because of lasers)

Here is a thread about the philosophy behind it:

For now I’m okay with my Astero.


A Widow and maybe at some point a Phoenix. Maybe.

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I aspire to be able to take my sleipnir out of hi-sec space without feeling anxious about how I intend to replace it. I also want to fly a 20k EHP skirmish burst bifrost in a frigate gang to make battleships feel bad about themselves!

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I would like to one day fly a Caldari Widow. The idea of Black-Ops ships, in general, is pretty awesome and I think the flavor of the ship, and the looks, are on-point.


One day I’d like to fly the Friendship. Until then I’ll stick with my awesome Rattlesnake.


Well that hit me right in the feels… Except I don’t fly rattlesnakes, I get them exploded.

Man I don’t even know. I can already fly most subcaps pretty decently and can afford to throw them away like trash. Maybe a Chimera, cuz my skillqueue is already maxed out with other caps that are more important at the moment.

That’s a bit more than one ship, but Ishtar, Amarr Recons and a Stratios, since they sort of share the same command skills. I love drones, utility and cloaky so these ships are super appealing.


For me it’s a Solo Exploration T3C, capable of scanning, hacking, and the occasional sleeper site. Still a couple of months out…

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Having some fun in a Machariel but whaling sounds like a hoot so I’m skilling into a Manticore. For other reasons I’m considering a Confessor. Eventually I may look at dreads.

My hauling alt skilled into a DST. Just for giggles I bought a BR and I’m in love. Still working up the courage to run it somewhere other than high-sec.


@Benje_en_Divalone A friend of mine does highsec -> NPC null runs in a BR and somehow doesn’t die. I don’t think I could ever take something that shiny and unarmed out so far myself without having a panic attack.

I’ve been able to fly every class of ship in the game from corvettes to titans and I must say between cruisers and battleships is where the most fun is.

Capitals can be fun for short periods of time, but they do get old quickly for most people.

A specific ship I still aspire to fly would probably be a Zealot. I like the continuous fire without reload on structures, the “fly swatter” like ability to counter annoying smaller craft, the sleek look and incredible range flexibility.

Too bad they have gone a bit out of style in most doctrines.