What is the End Game PvP Ship for you?

So, what’s your End Game PvP Ship. (No capitals) (Solo or Micro Gang)

Made my favorite in the poll, What’s yours?

Leave a ship name!

  • T3C - Tengu
  • T3C - Legion
  • T3C - Loki
  • FC - Stratios
  • FBS - Vindicator
  • FBS - Macheriel
  • T2C - Curse/Pilgrim Recons
  • T2C - Vagabond etc. HAC
  • FC - Vedmak
  • Others (Please leave a name)

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Duh. Catalyst.


T1 frigs.

Multiboxing Eos sounds like fun if I had billions to toss around casually.


Any black ops battleship

It’s supposed to be a sandbox, there’s no End Game in a Sandbox game.
PvP ships… all of the ships in EVE are PvP ships.
I like Gallente and Caldari ships so far because I like the bonuses of shooting ordinance close to the speed of light with railguns.

End game does not refer to the end of the game. It refers to what requires the most skills, knowledge, resources, time investment to perform.

I guess we could say end game for PVE is abyssal ?

So end game for PVP should be… titan ?


The friends you make along the way.

Honestly, the Venture, ninja mine you can lose again and again without the sweat.

Interceptors. Can’t kill what the fleet can’t catch, and no pod gets away.

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Bait Heron.

Or battle Venture.


:rofl: Thanks, I needed that!

Sadly, they were all war targets. I miss the old killboard which showed which ship you killed most. Mine was pods. :smirk:

Pissed off all the BS pilots who could not get a lock in time. I got sick and tired of waiting only to see the pod get away. Want that top damage score/lose the pod lock. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

The awesome power of the humble Caldari Navy Hookbill.

Versatility in fitting, flexible engagement range, good implantability…

Caldari Navy Hookbill: "Endgame"

Caldari Navy Hookbill: “Turbostubidbling”

3 Highs:
3x Polarized Rocket Launcher, Scourge Rage Rocket x150

5 Mids:
1MN Abyssal (Coreli A-Type) Afterburner
Abyssal (Republic Fleet) Medium Shield Extender
2x Federation Navy Stasis Webifier (Maybe abyssal’d for more range/strength, or just CPU)
Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler (Maybe abyssal’d for more range)

2 Lows:
2x Abyssal (Caldari Navy) Ballistic Control System, maybe unabyssal’d

3 Rigs:
Small Bay Loading Accelerator II
2x Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Lotsa nanite paste
Lotsa missiles (including Dread Guristas faction)
Pyrolancea dose III or IV because this is a fantasy
Quafe Zero Classic
uhh… overclocker as well in case you need it?

HG Nirvana (+1.2k HP) or HG Snake (+150% rage you get from opponents)
Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyperlink Slot 7 (Or that shield extender one, playing to the strengths of whichever HG pirate set)
That wierd capacitor one in slot 8
Lotsa rocket damage (or rof, can’t remember)
Lotsa launcher rate of fire

HP: 6.7k (with implants)
Speed: 1865 (no snakes or Zor thing)
DPS: 478 Scourge Rage, 425 Other Rage
Range: 12km with rage, 22km with Javelin
Rockets required to kill faction warfare destroyer spawns: 12 (four per launcher)

The funny thing is that Abyssaling a module gives it a zkill value of 0.01 isk, so if you put every faction mod into an abyssal, even if it is decidedly mediocre, you will only have a zkill loss value of about 28 million, due to the expensive launchers and ammo (assuming you took your Pyro IV and Quafe and had no overclocker). This gives the pro pilot insane zKill solo records, even against similarly tryhard players.

End game is being able to use any of them depending on what the situation requires.

…and you are not able to post the fit in a proper manner.

I usually do it with cruiser hull, practice with frigate hull, battleship hull is just too expensive to replace over and over, still, the end game ship for me is the cruiser class and a selected few of battleships, battlecruisers as fillers.

Titan is for fleets… No one is going to fly a titan by himself.

Also wants to know what this end game pvp is from people more experienced than me.