What is the End Game PvP Ship for you?

It absolutely refers to the end of a game and that’s why it doesn’t fit EVE which has no endgame.

There is, if you really thinking of it.
Even the more complicated real life has an end game.
The reason you are thinking it a no end game is that EVE is a very big, and for one person cannot get all the scopes.

If you have researched economics, it always throws you a question making you think how is that question has an answer?! it can be A, can be B, can be C blah blah.
And it has an answer, the answer is like this:
in situation A, will result AA, and X, Y, Z will cause situation A,
in situatoin B, will … blah blah.

So, EVE has an answer too.
the END Game PvE is Abyssal, no questions.
what the best Abyssal ship? Gila, Ishtar, no other answers,
all other ships can only do a portion of Abyssal, not a best ship for it in general.
you can argue with incursion, but you get the idea.

PvP has end game too, if you think it does not, then you are not progressing into the top end, just like me, i use cruiser class as main pvp ship.

No. That’s not the reason.
Again: EVE is a Sandbox, that’s the reason why it has no endgame.

Now if you want to apply a single-player PvE tag on EVE then you can justify the word Endgame in anything. I have no problem with that.

sandbox has an end game…

anyways, lets back to the pvp ships

Agreed. Let’s.

I agree with this statement.

Sorry, I know that that… syntax? … is incorrect for ESI stuff, I just think it makes it easier to read.

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not enough votes, bro, come on.

There is no “End Game” of PvP ship. There are only options at different sizes.

For ship power, there are the Marauders at the kings, and then titans and faction supercaps for the capitols – but that is a very disingenuous way to put things.

You should be flying what is the most fun within the competitive bracket. If you show up to contest a frig fleet with marauders, they will run and laugh at you in local for being a tard – and very deservedly so.

If you show up in a fleet of T3D’s against a T1 frig fleet of similar size, they will run away and probably lose a few because T3D’s can align faster than they can, being more maneuverable and much more powerful.

Does that make T3D’s an end game?

In any case, my Hecate is not on that list so I vote “other”, along with the majority in the poll who put “other”.

For a variety of reasons, I’ve always loved the Interceptor fights i used to get into. During the Nano-era it was amazing, because ships would fly extremely lightly tanked and you could take down ships you had no right to be able to fight against by tackling them and staying close. There was an amazing time when webs got reduced to 60% but we didn’t have Scramblers stopping MWD’s that was, in my opinion, a sweet spot for interceptors.

I’d love to fly Interdictors more but they are so expensive and completely outclassed by T3 destroyers. Everytime your sabre pops, your wallet stings.

Alpha account catalyst.

Frigate class, cruiser class, BC, BS, which one do you prefer the most?

Fuckin Drake, comrade. Anyone can kick ass with those fancy ships. It takes a true master to wreck ■■■■ with a Drake.

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The drake is like the bumper lanes in a bowling alley.

What, it hits strikes more often than other ships of its class?

I am all for the Drake. I like that it is underestimated, cheap, and versatile.
The Ferox is better though, on the Caldari side, and both Minmatar BCs are better than that for solo pvp at least.

Panther > Taranis > all

Battle ventures and the Confessor.

Those are probably two of the most different combat ships you could possibly put on there.

@Nujenif_Talvanen are they? both go very fast and both look sexy

there is no other metric to judge things by :stuck_out_tongue:

The Atron family is hands down the third-worst looking ship in the game, after the Burst and Celestis lines.
Maybe the Blackbird family beats it too.

ding dong ur opinion is wrong :smile:

nothing sexier than a hull tanked 400 dps godterceptor