What the heck is this new SKIN UI?

Stop overusing padding everywhere
And we can’t even resize that pane??? Come on.


And that’s already the more condensed version. :smiley:


It’s more mobile-friendly.


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Every time I get used to a new UI…CCP changes it again. I liked the toolbar several years ago that made each item look unique…so they switched it back to what it is now. I don’t like it…

This is how things work in the corporate world. Some lackey needs to justify his continued employment by coming up with unneeded changes and convincing his boss they are needed.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Even in Iceland? If indeed that’s where the decisions are still being made.


I must say it is rather hard to register what skin to buy.

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How do you figure?

I wonder if the reason for this look is that there is something new coming that needs that kind of screen real estate. Maybe it is to do with the visibility of the holograms when they become available.

There was nothing wrong with the existing setup for skins. There was simply no need for a new menu tab. It was just fine as it was before, in the fittings window.

Is it, though? The enormous amounts of wasted space in the cards mean more scrolling and fewer data displayed on the tiny screens; the small skin icons are harder to fully appreciate (differentiate, see all the details, etc) on the small screens. To me, the previous skins list with just a bit more padding was much more mobile friendly than this huge waste of space.

Enormous Favor

Q: What the heck is this new SKIN UI?


This is the future


That’s not how you do it. Be a good customer and buy ALL the SKINS. No issue that way. :wink:

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