What video are you watching today?

One of my pet peeves with “meteor films” is that they never get the speed right because it doesn’t makes for good cinema. Small meteors will just slow down to terminal velocity and fall (more or less) harmlessly. Anything massive enough to hit the ground as a flaming ball will do so at hypersonic speeds, shrouded in superheated plasma the temperature of the Sun and will go from outer space to the ground in four to five seconds max. You will not see it. You will not hear it. It will hit and burn you instantly if you’re too close, or will be gone in a second and then the shockwave will rush towards you.

Or it might explode in the air and then you’ll have like ten or fifteen seconds before the shockwave does unto you whatever it will do at your distance from it.

PS: oh, and they won’t “fall from the sky”. They will come from the horizon towards you (and burn you instanlty in their wake if they’re so large) or will just come over the horizon and hit the ground before your brain processes it coming over the horizon. They don’t fall. Earth crashes against them like a jetplane against a gnat and the velocity is well over 30 kilometers per second. Standing on a beach, a meteor would go from horizon to horizon in less than a second. But that’s not very cinema-friendly…

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Movies rarely depict reality, even when they’re “based on a true story”. As you say, it doesn’t make for good cinema. I watch some of them because I get to see what I don’t see everyday or simply because I’m curious to see how an actor will take a role and make it his.
Most of the time I watch sci-fi flicks so reality goes out the window and all that’s left are the sets, the cinematography, the actors, the effects and the director’s talent to orchestrate the whole thing and finish on time.
That movie, I only watched for Gerard Butler and maybe see carnage and stuff blow up. I didn’t like the way it was filmed though. The camera work was nearly aweful but I give it a 7/10. Good enough entertainment.

Station Ambience

Radio Chatter - in flight

Short & straight to the point

It’s not true AI and will never be, but let’s call it that as long as there are suckers who will give away their money for it.

I am watching Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The movie is actually quite good. I never did watch much of the sci-classics made into cartoons growing up. Not certain why, seeing as how I grew up with cartoons.
Finished watching the remake of Dune this morning. Pretty good Thump approval. I 'm also working on fishing lure painting schemes as well. AFK, with no one to gank me, lol.

Shoot now, ask questions later!

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I like SpaceDock videos a lot, but on the topic of space warfare, if there ever is such a thing, it will be shaped after the need to disrupt whatever the space economy is, if there ever is such a thing.

How would a space economy work would determinate how space warfare would work. Maybe it all would be about hacking autonomous transportation barges. Maybe would focus on just preventing people from doing whatever they do for the war -kill them, disrupt their powergrid, crack on their water/food/chemicals supply lines…

But spaceships and guns are cool ideas. They go boom and that’s thrilling.

What, you didn’t find any video of a German scientist telling you what the “reality” of space warfare will be like and what a space economy will be all about?

Meanwhile, in space…

Pizza Hypnotism ASMR


I can’t believe that you might actually lick the screen

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528 Hz Deep Sleep Music - Space based.

99% of YOU will Fall Asleep Fast|Remove All Negative Thoughts, 528 Hz Deep Sleep Music|Meditation (youtube.com)

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This one works for me. Keep it in the background while you do other stuff (browse webs, read, do house chores) that doesn’t involves listening (being in a quiet place with no distractons will help). Usually I notice its effect after some 30 to 40 minutes.

If it works for you, as with all depression mood boosters, don’t overuse it.

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I see a new video by Adam Something about tech bros inventing trains (again) and must watch. Amusement ensues.

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I don’t watch many movies as I am hooked on the watching homemade videos on YouTube.