What video are you watching today?

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Currently watching a movie on iView called

He plays a part were he is an alcoholic.

Should fit right in for me today as I too am an alcoholic.

Chainsaw Massacre

Don’t be daft, you too cute to be an alcoholic.

You have yet though to reach enlightenment like the Magnificent and Mysterious Zaera, whereby alcohol and other mind altering harmfull substances are strictly forbidden.

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You seem to enjoy those scary type of movies.

I don’t like scary movies.

Ah, nice dream of space mining they’ve got themselves… wouldn’t it be a pity if something happened to it?

And no, it’s not about pewpewing miners, but about energy.

Namely, how much metal could you retrieve from scattered sources (FAI, the sea) here on Earth with a n amount of energy vs how much energy would it cost to bring metal from somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter to the surface of Earth. If n-from-space is any larger than n-on-Earth, your space mining is doomed.

And boy, n-from-space IS a big number once you account for everyhing: energy to change speed from asteroid orbit to Earth orbit. Energy to de-orbit in one piece. Energy to bring all the previous energy into Earth orbit first, rhen into asteroid orbit. Then energy to launch, transfer orbit up, transfer orbit down and deorbit whatever hardware you require. All multiplied by whatever efficiency factor you could achieve on each step (multilpy by 0.a, then by 0.b, then by 0.c, by 0.d…)

Frankly, I wouldn’t bet against filtering metals from the ocean (or whatever other means to retrieve scattered metal particles into bigger chunks). Yes, it would be horribly expensive. But still peanuts compared to mining in space.

Or, maybe we could just do without that many metal.

Don’t they though…? They’re already counting their trillions I bet, lol

They’re more interested in the rarest metals that are very expensive to mine and hard to find on earth. Lots can or connot happen with ‘ifs’, I’m not an expert on mining, space or space mining. I don’t know if it’s even a good idea.

Yep, there’re a lot of factors to consider. I’m glad I won’t be the one tasked with figuring it out.

I wasn’t aware of such a method, thanks for mentioning it.

Not up to us I guess. They’ll do what they do and don’t put anything up for a vote, do they.

Interesting movie that could be turned into a new NPC race with new missions.

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Currently rewatching;

…because the future in A.I. most likely be making humans dumber as the centuries unfold.

I like my videos short and to the point.

Hydrogen as energy is stupid. And dangerous. And nasty. And useless. And stupid.