What will happen if?

What do you think would happen if eve became a free game? Would it be the end of the game or a new beginning? What would be the consequences if ccp unexpectedly said that from today the game is free? Would you play in eve if it was a free game with microtransactions? Selling skin for ships is not the best business, and subscription money is not the best money you can get from games today. Wouldn’t that be the best way to give eve a second life? What is the advantage in your opinion that we have a subscription in eve? What types of microtransactions would you suggest if eve were to become a free to play game with microtransactions? (pay for how many space can you conquer? fuel for titans? ect).

Eve can’t ever become free. Too much scales with number of accounts. It would require a massive investment to redo do almost every game system, and even then access to unlimited accounts likely would still break a universe simulator like Eve.

If the devs really wanted to be brave and different, the developers would have doubled down on the subscription model and actively target the admittedly small niche of players who actively detest microtransactions. But as it is, they’ve gone about as far as they can without breaking the game (and some will even argue skill extractors did just that) adding microtransactions. The game design work to keep Eve playable with really free accounts is just too great.


Yeah the market would probably be the first thing to collapse, imagine being able to have 400 accounts all running PI, or swarm strip mining belts. EvE Cant handle that kind of influx which would undoubtably happen. not to mention the RMT and ISK selling issues that would only multiply exponentially.

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Think of it this way.

Eve is free. But you pay monthly microtransactions to keep premium content going like barges, industry, trading, pi, and access to advanced skills.

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PCU minimum droped below 10 000, PCU maximum - below 30 000. Numbers are changing with clear downward tendency. Eve WILL become free to play with some nice stuff for paying customer or Eve will not be there at all.
Player base does not let new-commers stay in game (ill-minded ganking activities), recent game changes removed large chunk of old players (drifters invasions, blackout etc…). To have at least some life in game CCP will have to remove skill cap for alpha clone state and the game will be free for people, who do not need more skills to learn.

If EVE became free the demographic would radically shift. There wouldn’t be as many English speakers and the average age would decrease.


It would be called FreEvE

CCP sold Eve for $425 million. Meaning the game has value and generates significant revenue. No, I don’t have any numbers but you can derive potential income from the cost of the sale of Eve. Base, best guess is take annual income of a product (subtracted by overhead) and x 3 or x 5 provides the value. Again, back of napkin numbers.

Point it all this, Eve is not going anywhere, they don’t need to make F2P.
Saw over 25k online this weekend. That’s better then the first years of Eve. The longevity of this game is proven. It can end now and it will have still shown it’s reliance.

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Now this here is funny as heck.

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One day they will have to consider doing this when they want to reboot the game and release a new version of it upgraded and remastered in almost every possible way with a new player base beginning from scratch. It would take some years with the intention that the new game would be 100% subscription based only again.

Stuff like PLEX, Injectors, multiple accounts and alphas would have to be completely removed to keep the focus on game play payed for with subscriptions instead of subscriptions payed for with game play and including all the advantages players have in eve now to create unlimited accounts to “achieve” (maintain) these goals (requirements).

At that point you would want to make the game free to play so there is no real reason for anyone to want to play the old eve anymore, this would boost new players in the new Eve server(s) now paying subscriptions and having fun again for the first time in a decade with Eve online and help quickly put the old servers to rest for downsizing and ultimately termination after micro-transactions become negligible as the new servers and subscriptions produce healthy profits.

The game can never be 100% free to play and only supported by microtransactions, this is literally the only thing that dead games will do once they have completely given up on a game and are focusing on new projects. Eve online as it is now has been slowly approaching that point but are considering their options for getting things back on track but after years of changes, balances and unbalances, exploits and fixes they have a nearly impossible task of fixing this game and a full reset or a new release may ultimately be their only options left moving forward to solve most problems and bring players back to this game for the long term success and continuing future of Eve online.

Some may leave the game because of it but you can be sure more will return to the game and more new players will start as well since the wealth and accumulation of 15 years of gaming will finally have the score settled and we can all enjoy the thrill of starting again on a level playing field.

When you think about it there has already been much time in the game without considering the divide from exploits overtime, being a new player to this game in recent years you feel the weight (wait) of joining a time based game where most players are a decade ahead of you in every way. This was probably the sole reason they came out with PLEX, injectors, having multiple alpha accounts so new players could have within their reach the ability to try many things and buy themselves ahead to reach points in their training original veterans would have achieved only from playing the game over years and years on different accounts they had to pay for from the start. So they introduced these things to address player retention in that consideration that ultimately the biggest challenge for a new player is being so far behind the general base of players in time played.

It is what it is, CCP could have rebooted this game anytime they literally only waste their time and efforts for the posterity of this game’s history and what players have achieved up to this point so people trying to claim CCP are being greedy by introducing micro-transactions and free2play alphas need to rethink seriously why they (CCP) don’t just do a full reset of this game and 100% subscriptions only, no PLEX, no injectors, no alphas or many multiple accounts players aren’t paying for that suck up resources.

It is the easy and obvious last thing they can and will do if nothing else works to fix over a decade of the game getting both better and worse at the same time. What we see now is them pouring all their time and effort into trying to fix what is broken instead of going for a full reset that can solve many issues players have with this game and put them back onto track of expanding and refining the game itself without the weight of 15 years of game play rocking the ship to the point that fixes have no real effect on improving game play at this point in time.

I can’t wait to be honest I like this game but this is nothing CCP can do about the fact that I haven’t been playing it since day one and basic success means achieving in only a few years what others have gotten over a decade of playing which is both unfair to new and old players alike. I don’t mind the challenge but it is like playing a racing game with a stock car against fully upgraded opponents who got there either from time, exploits or paying their way forward and forcing you to either slowly having to scrape or pay your way forward just to even have a chance of following the competition who have already been winning in every way in this game longer than some of these young new players have been alive.

You could be both breaking new records and paying your way forward but there will always be an unobtainable ceiling getting higher and higher that (almost) nobody new to this game (99% of new players) will ever reach on their own and can only hope best to have a seat and ride along with others who are already there. Skipping the excitement of achieving anything on your own to be a glorified f1 slave in someone else’s end game.

I got lucky to enjoy my own success in a very short period of time completely owed to my unique experience with this game but no matter how amazing it is for me I can’t share that success with others who I have seen come and go from a game they are stuck to figure out how to even get moving and find goals in an ever slowing down state and lack of mobile landscape.

Think of Eve as a sand mandala players have been spending the last 15+ years putting every grain of sand into it’s place with very little room left to do anything new in it and CCP is shaking the board trying to make the game better for everyone but ultimately just ruining everything everyone has spent all this time putting into order to the point that there is very little room left for anyone in the game, new or old, to do for excitement. We are just waiting for the project that is this game to finally come to a close and a full reset is what most of us are probably looking forward to at this point.

We are slowly approaching the point of zero null entropy in this game, where there is very little room left to be explored or begin anew. Full reset or new release will be inevitable if they can’t find another way to get things back on track ongoing as is.

Those with short attention span or interest in anyone’s opinions will have to forgive me for the long post as I forgive you for skipping it entirely. I do this mostly for the enjoyment of exploring my own thoughts about it but am glad if you appreciate it in anyway, good or bad.

Wrong. CCP sold CCP.

Do you mean resilience?

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