What will happen if?

What do you think would happen if eve became a free game? Would it be the end of the game or a new beginning? What would be the consequences if ccp unexpectedly said that from today the game is free? Would you play in eve if it was a free game with microtransactions? Selling skin for ships is not the best business, and subscription money is not the best money you can get from games today. Wouldn’t that be the best way to give eve a second life? What is the advantage in your opinion that we have a subscription in eve? What types of microtransactions would you suggest if eve were to become a free to play game with microtransactions? (pay for how many space can you conquer? fuel for titans? ect).

Eve can’t ever become free. Too much scales with number of accounts. It would require a massive investment to redo do almost every game system, and even then access to unlimited accounts likely would still break a universe simulator like Eve.

If the devs really wanted to be brave and different, the developers would have doubled down on the subscription model and actively target the admittedly small niche of players who actively detest microtransactions. But as it is, they’ve gone about as far as they can without breaking the game (and some will even argue skill extractors did just that) adding microtransactions. The game design work to keep Eve playable with really free accounts is just too great.


Yeah the market would probably be the first thing to collapse, imagine being able to have 400 accounts all running PI, or swarm strip mining belts. EvE Cant handle that kind of influx which would undoubtably happen. not to mention the RMT and ISK selling issues that would only multiply exponentially.

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Think of it this way.

Eve is free. But you pay monthly microtransactions to keep premium content going like barges, industry, trading, pi, and access to advanced skills.

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PCU minimum droped below 10 000, PCU maximum - below 30 000. Numbers are changing with clear downward tendency. Eve WILL become free to play with some nice stuff for paying customer or Eve will not be there at all.
Player base does not let new-commers stay in game (ill-minded ganking activities), recent game changes removed large chunk of old players (drifters invasions, blackout etc…). To have at least some life in game CCP will have to remove skill cap for alpha clone state and the game will be free for people, who do not need more skills to learn.

If EVE became free the demographic would radically shift. There wouldn’t be as many English speakers and the average age would decrease.


It would be called FreEvE

CCP sold Eve for $425 million. Meaning the game has value and generates significant revenue. No, I don’t have any numbers but you can derive potential income from the cost of the sale of Eve. Base, best guess is take annual income of a product (subtracted by overhead) and x 3 or x 5 provides the value. Again, back of napkin numbers.

Point it all this, Eve is not going anywhere, they don’t need to make F2P.
Saw over 25k online this weekend. That’s better then the first years of Eve. The longevity of this game is proven. It can end now and it will have still shown it’s reliance.

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Now this here is funny as heck.

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Wrong. CCP sold CCP.

Do you mean resilience?

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