What will make EVE players happy

it is an impossible task given that pvp and pve players have diverse views on what EVE should be. add to that the CCP lack of understanding of how the game is played and therefore make changes that make no sense to players, it is hard to please anyone these days.

Could we lock people in or break into other peoples houses? Could we kidnap people from their house?

Depends, are you the locomotive or the caboose? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I want a hard reset to 2010

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I want a button, that when pressed, charges my account $5.00 and instantly kills whatever player I have targeted. Red boxed, or yellow box of impotence.

That would make me very happy.

That and/or another crate of festive fireworks and a festive launcher.

What would make me happy: 20 million SP and 10 billion isk.

Okay but everyone else gets those too. :upside_down_face:


Deal !!

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Both !

Im not selfish.

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But how else could you form a fleet, without having an in-game corp window to send the ganker fleet name and joining option to ? The gank victims might not know who you were…but then neither would your fellow gankers…who would not see you in purple.

Wut. That isn’t what he is saying.

Please keep re-reading his statement until you understand. Also understand that this comment right here shows your lack of understanding of game knowledge. Please stop trying to lecture others on it :smiley:

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I am not familiar with the isk making mechanics of pochven.

How is it they make their isk and what is expected isk / hr per prson?

If you could fill me in id appreciate it

Thank you

No worries bruv, its a faucet just like your WH :smiley: Just a bit slightly less now since the nerf.

Also leshaks everywhere :smiley:

I’m not that familiar with Pochven either, but from what I can tell it requires grouping up with other players and fighting other groups that try to do the same.

So I don’t think it’s something suitable for you, as you seem to complain a lot when people interrupt your PvE, alt #10 of Sanguis.

Dude he may be all the way banned by now. Check the eve reddit.

Its the CSM post.

Just read it man. Its sheer crazy.

I noticed, I knew he had some issues… but to that extent? Crazy.

Yea man. It just blows my mind.

Youll never make all eve players happy.


Not true, if they do a faction warefare update everyone will be happy, becuase they wont have to see me complaining about it xD but its fine I’ll wait for eve 2 to come out.

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