What will make EVE players happy

A short discussion of What will make EVE players happy.


I saw a whole load of whining about the new skills training icon, and before I’d logged in that day I imagined I was going to see a huge orange icon covering the entire screen and wrecking my Eve and leading to trips to the psychiatrist for counselling.

Instead…I logged in and it was like ‘what the heck is all the fuss about ?’

Same with Dr Who. Judging by all the fuss you’d think there were Daleks in every system and every asteroid belt had a Tardis mining ore and you’d hear ‘exterminate !’ every time you docked at a station.

Instead…you could go the whole event and never even meet anything Dr Who related. Nobody was forced to partake. And as it only lasted a month…the entire future history of the universe was not ruined and the ‘big rip’ is not about to happen.

And so on…


As a Doctor WHO fan, I was disappointed that didn’t happen.


Considering that I had to scan-ignore over 300 relic sites during this event, this is not at all true. The only good aspect about this even was that the relics were tier 1, which made it easy to figure out what you can ignore and what is worth scanning further. That was a massive improvement over the previous event’s tier 3 data sites, which were much more annoying and time-consuming to determine. I was not forced to participate in further steps of the event but I was forced to waste more time than usual when I scanned my home area.


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As one of the players who “log in, mainly in high sec space, and simply play the game in whatever way makes them feel good”, I do not wish for “no more ganking in high sec”.

In fact I want the ganking to continue even though I do not PvP. Why? Because a sandbox should not give an exemption to any group. I believe in meritocracy. I believe in equality to opportunity not outcome. If someone wants to blow up my ship or kill me, go for it, just as I want total freedom to defend myself or at least lessen the chance of that outcome from happening

Putting these conditions in also puts a filter on what content the players create.


Revert the game to where it was back in 2013. Everything CCP has done since then has killed the player base.


Whilst I agree there should be ganking in highsec…I balk at the notion that most of it consists of any sort of ‘meritocracy’. 50 gankers all on one gate…as occured at Uedama last week end…is more akin to shooting goldfish in a bowl.


From what I’ve seen on Twitch streams and a few YouTube videos, it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s organization and teamwork involved. There’s also racing against the clock: all of this has to be done before CONCORD arrives. The fact groups like SAFETY are able to pull this off and score big payday (based on the kill reports I’ve seen) on a regular basis deserves some credit and respect, and why they deserve the success and power that comes from it.

Its unfortunate that non-consensual pvp is restrained by such immersion breaking, clumsy mechanics.

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I wouldn’t say restrained, more like slowed down. It hasn’t stopped the more inventive and creative players from wreaking havoc (and reminding me of that ol’ in-game golden rule…)

But if you actually look at the zkill reports…the average ganker makes maybe 2% of the kill, with one or two getting over 10%. Sheer numbers dictate success.

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It an exercise in jumping through burning hoops, much like a circus act. It’s unnecessary and off-putting. In spite of all these pointless injections of jagged mechanics… carebears still find ways to die. Its amazing.

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I disagree with your assessment of ganking in highsec.

I want ganking to remain in highsec.

In my opinion, this whole outcry of make highsec safe/safer/safest space is misguided and based on an uninformed opinions, possibly emotional reactions, and reactions to the inconvenience of being ganked.

Ganking provides gameplay to highseccers, both gankers and ganked and anti-gankers. It provides opportunity to industrial players. It provides player organized events upon occasion, i.e. Burn Jita, Burn Amarr.

It provides a sense of danger, that provides immediacy and vibrancy in an area of the game that lacks player driven excitement.

The players staking claim to Sivala, do so just like players claiming Delve, or Outer Ring, and do so within the game’s rules, just like players in Providence of Venal.

The difference is bystanders, new players or old players, can watch this activity from the sidelines in some degree of safety and participate vicariously in this highsec exclusive activity (suicide ganking), whereas new players or old players, solo or en masse, do not have this option/illusion of safety in nullsec, lowsec, or wh space.

This is my opinion. I am one person and I disagree with your assessment of the wishes of highsec players, which you have presented as if it were the wishes of all highsec players.

I am a highsec player and you do not speak for me.


Cilla, that’s a fair point and thanks for clarifying that for me.

There’s still the point I raised about getting players this organized to take down a target, and in a short window of time, which is no small feat. Some of these targets were apparently well-fitted and even that was not enough. There’s no question a high level of competence in planning and understanding ship capabilities was involved. We’re not talking about a Zergling rush here.

There’s also another type of currency I neglected to mention: fear. I’ve only been playing for three weeks but already I am familar with Jita and Uedama, and not for what stations are there or what resources are available. I’ve been warned many times in Rookiechat never to go to either system unless I have a good reason, and a plan of going in and getting out in one piece. Any group that can generate that amount of worry has generated valuable in-game content.



You are correct. As a matter of fact a huge drop in the player base occurred years ago when the great High-Sec crack down happened. CCP continue to remain defiant. CCP continue to lose players.

you come across realy burnt out tbh, have you tried taking break from eve and doing something else?

Humour is sometimes a frontline in political agendas.

It is not universally recognized, as indeed sarcasm is not always acknowledged as comic within a culture.

How am I to judge your attempt? As a jest? Joke? Or at face value?

None-the-less I accept your explanation.

Cilla, I think this will always be the headline, because… ‘Wow!’.

In truth, there are many less noteworthy yet persistent ‘lower-order’ encounters happening in Highsec. The perpetrators of these suicide ganks are unlikely ever to feature on live-streams or here, on the sub-forums. Unaffected by events outside their sphere of operations, they plod on, regardless. I salute them.

The Anti-Ganking organisations will never meet them on the field, for Githany indicates that it’s challenging enough as it is, even with gankers bloating Uedama and other ‘known’ systems. How would she and her acolytes fare if they faced the prospect of resisting the miner-gankers, and others?

@Yonniya_Rainor’s point was surely that, only if there is equality of opportunity in Highsec can there be meaningful meritocracy in our respective disciplines.

I think CCP does a reasonably good job of ensuring that Gankers and Anti-Gankers don’t lack opportunity, and that, therefore, the basis exists for such a meritocracy.

50 Gankers on one gate - seeking an opportunity.
20 Anti-Gankers on one gate - seeking an opportunity.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


@CCP_Rattati going back to failing at developing First Person Shooter games and leaving EVE alone?