What would make you leave the game and never return?

Nope, it has stayed the same since creation. The only thing getting saturated is raw isk, but that is from c5, c6 now not the others.

The other C tiers are under performing. Would love to see new players going into C1’s and C2’s and living out of them but they are not worth it.

Ok which means its not been nerfed.

My breaking point would be if CCP adds NFT crap/legal RMT. At that point I’m cashing out, flipping them the bird, and setting fire to anything I cba to sell off.

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We wouldn't go that far... however how about EVE Immortals?
- CCP probably

:stuck_out_tongue: :psyccp:

:sweat_smile: Enough gimmicks.

My breaking point realistically would be if CCP nerfs all isk generation in game so that pvp is only afforedable by buying plex and selling for isk.

But I don’t see this happening.

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When did I say it was nerfed lol.

You didnt.

Nerugo said WH Space has been nerfed.

I said it was because it was overfarmed.

You said blue loot was the biggest income from WH so couldnt be over farmed, so I asked had the price changed. You said it hadnt.

And so therefore it couldnt be either nerfed or over farmed.

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Wh’s need a buff and a nerf lol thats why its confusing.

Buff to c1 and c2 so that more people try them out nerf to either maruader’s ability to run c5 without a bit more bling or a slight nerf to none cap escalation loot for c5 so they have to commit cap’s to achieve that kind of income.

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Tbh I agree with the C1 and 2 but dont really have input on the higher ones

C1 and c2 is like 50-70mil/h c3 and c4 is around 200mil/h c5 in a maruader is 500mil/h.

Its been a long while since I was in a position to farm anything tbh


Lack of resource, inc corpmates lol

Gotta whip those corpmates into chape.

Right now Im liquidating years worth of assets. Not sure what to buy but its not PLEX in the short term

If they nerf all ISK generation in the game, then PLEX prices will drop accordingly.

The in-game value of PLEX doesn’t just represent some kind of arbitrary static figure. It represents an average amount of time/effort invested into in-game moneymaking activities.


You make a fair point.


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Not only that they are removing all gas and sites from WH class 1-4 soon