What would make you leave the game and never return?

This has already happened lots look at the killboard tons of padding.

Bye Verlyn o/ can I have your stuff


Don’t think she wouldn’t do it. Aiko is ruthless.

You can have some of my personal Exotic Male Dancers

For me it was the ‘BIGGEST CONTENT UPDATE EVAR!!!11!’ they showed on the latest FanFest

Tell you what… Mr./Ms. OP:
I concede you to ask:

-“What would make you come back to the game and never leave?”

In case no one suggested and since I had this epiphany by reading your OP.



Why not make it into its own thread? :thinking:

Sounds reasonable to assume it would receive a bunch of replies and the subject is useful feedback to CCP as well as the players to express their thoughts and also that way the two subjects would not get mixed up.


@Xucca There you go, Mr.Ms poster, you came up with a new thread title. I’ll be expecting you to create a new thread.


I saw a video from Fanfest. I’m very excited to see my Catalyst do that parking stunt while docking :smiley:

I’d love to… thing is I’m traveling and like to nourish my threads, take care of them and even moderate them by waking up trolls’ demons.

Feel free. I conceeded already. Would post in it from some port for sure.

I might leave New Eden if any space trimming happens @Vokan_Narkar perhaps more Capsuleers might agree than I could guess as space needs to be vast like how New Eden is very wide spread.

Now that you’ve given me permission to use your thread, I will change the title and topic to make it better because What would make you come back to the game and never leave? isn’t going to work for me. At all.
So whatever thread I post next will be it, but stylized, total makeover. You won’t recognize it.

There is way fewer people living in WH. On the other hand there is way more people that jumps in the 1st wspace system they find, rat for a few minutes and leave with pockets full of isk. Some get ganked doing this, but most get away with it. So the borders between kspace and wspace are more active but the deep systems are empty. There is hardly a fight between wh groups anymore.

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@Duo_Roman I’ll have to check out wh. Sounds like an adventure. Not sure if I should take one of my new battlecruisers or a destroyer… not because of the gankers - they’re just an occupational hasard - but for the rats.
What do you suggest?

IMO wh space has been nerfed to much. The only good thing about whs is no local and gas unless you live in a c5 or c6.
I miss the old wh days before the nerfs came rolling in

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Looks like everything has been nerfed too much. Looks like ganksters came into EVE with big o’ nerfbats and started to go to town nerfing everything in sight until CCP got on its knees, begged them to stop and promised to raise subscriptions to $20 if they’d just stop the damage “for the love of god!”

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C1’s and 2’s feel like they need more frig spawns and less bs’s, the bs’s decrease the ehp/isk ratio terribly. Wish there was like 20 frigs and like 4 cruisers per site or something.

Often, people say “nerfed” when they mean “we farmed too hard and saturated the market”.


Can’t really saturate an npc buy order market, I mean with the worm hole gasses costing almost nothing now sure, but it’s mostly blue loot that is being farmed.

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Have blue loot prices gone down?

Nope, it has stayed the same since creation. The only thing getting saturated is raw isk, but that is from c5, c6 now not the others.

The other C tiers are under performing. Would love to see new players going into C1’s and C2’s and living out of them but they are not worth it.