Whats it like to live under a HOA?

Hello Fellow EVEites, i guess this falls more on the american side of EVE.
So i have been wondering, i have a friend in Arizona that has a HOA that is damn near despotic and strange.
They fine for all sort if things that wouldn’t bother normal people, like the grass being slightly to tall or the trash bin being left out for to long.
But the thing i find most strange is that a plant can be three things at once, namely a weed,bush and tree.
Now i am no physics genious, but as far as i know objects can not be more than one thing at a time, feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

Now being swedish i have no experience of HOA, so i find it very strange to give rights to people that can judge if my lawn is to tall or if my trashcan has been standing at the curb for to long.
So my question i guess is, whats it like?.

Well from what I’ve read, you don’t give rights, you buy the property knowing there’s a HOA and thus you’re supposed to a) agree with the conditions and b) have a voice in changing them.

Seen from Spain, HOA look like a more formal version of what we call “neighbours community” which are the ones responsible for attending the collective needs of the neighbours, specially since most people here lives in condo type buildings. So people pays for things like cleaning and maintenance of shared spaces and installations (like the elevators). HOAs in America just look focused on keeping the property value by not allowing it to decay or look bad, and of course they impact a lot more houses than flats.

Here in Spain neighbours communities are a very diverse topic. Some people aspire to be chairman, others must be forced to be chairman, and many buildings just hand over the management to real state agents… some expensive poperties have what would be a HOA in the USA and some places buildings join associations who manage several properties, and some are fairly large.

Everyone here does what he wants in his own place.

HOA’s are the devil incarnates in the U.S. Basically some huge realtor developer sold the rights to the grounds that houses are sitting on, when enough people bought the houses. One person becomes president, who is usually the arrogant ahole in the village. If you live there, pay the dues, act like you are “keeping up with the jones” and all that b.s. then there won’t be a problem. miss paying a due and the president of an hoa can put a lien on your house and all that jazz, basically evicting you. it’s b.s. There is no 2 shades of hell chance I would ever move where there is an HOA. i’ll stick to my lil stick house out in the woods before i join an HOA.

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And then there’re the ones who raise Tuplas to take out people who “don’t fit in” :wink:

(I may be mixing up the X-Files and reality again.)

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It’s an arrangement that keeps neighborhoods from falling into disrepair and making property values drop.

That being said it sucks major… HOA got on our ass cause the wife had “Hey Y’all” on the door…

Mostly they just send you letters saying they saw your trashcan on the driveway instead of behind the fence. Meanwhile you drive by other houses that haven’t had their lawn mowed in months and have 16 cats playing in the yard, the smell of which will knock you out. Meanwhile you get a letter if you have 3 blades of grass an inch too long…

My friend has been fined over 4 times now for not keeping the weed,bush,trees at the specified hight and width.
She isn’t at 100% health so being out in the arizona sun checking plants isn’t in her priority, how ever i am still more confused over how one plant can be three things.

And seriously Skitterball they had issues with a sign?, how big was it??. Did it have flashing lights and sound effects??

No, they had issues with sticker letters (decor style) that read Hey Y’all on the door. They kept telling us to power wash the door and then told us we had to remove the letters. You can only have “seasonal, temporary” decorations on doors…

But,but,but why?, it’s your door. It’s not like anyone is going to look at it and think “well there goes the neighbourhoods market value”. Who in their right mind would find Hey y’all disturbing or a blight??..

Thats not a land of free but a land of HOAs!

I fully support this:

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No clue, but their argument was it’s against HOA policy, and as you signed the contract when you bought the house remove it or we take legal action.

Jebus!, i hope you don’t live there anymore.

We just signed the Mortgage on the house 2 years ago. We will put up with their rules until we can buy land, this is a stepping stone for us.

HOAs are everywhere in the urban communities.

I own a condo, there’s an HOA that is rather expensive, but they pay for the water bill, and it’s sort of like “insurance” because I don’t technically own the outside of the building… I.E. if the roof gets damaged, they have to fix it.

Many months ago they sent me an email saying I need to remove a dish on the side of the building, I simply responded saying “it has been here longer than me, it isn’t mine. As such, I don’t want to remove something that isn’t mine, attached to a wall that technically isn’t mine. If you want to remove it yourself, go for it”.

I never got a response, and the “fines” that they claimed would happen if I didn’t remove it never happened, and they never removed it themselves. Idk lol

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Homeowner association


In the United States, a homeowner association is a private association often formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing, and selling homes and lots in a residential subdivision. Wikipedia

Yes, I do have two (2) my houses forfeited, and the third one interfered against securing by other means, which I may still get, although it would be easier with an agent at this point.
Only one of the 2 first houses could have been used as a family home, the other one turning out to be in a condition in which my fiancée could not have moved there due to Visa restrictions and other problems.
The 3rd potential house also is in a similar condition as the first problem mentioned above.

I have better opportunity to not only work for residential construction in Europe , but can invest in real-estate there.
My brother-in-law who I just talked to last week is a commercial real-estate broker and/or agent for 25 years or more.
We can and do have opportunities for business in Europe.
EVE Online was sold or bought for 425m during this last trip to Iceland.

We are privileged to have the tax at under $300 a year, which includes all securities and rights enforceable in courts, and firearms.
We never had a mortgage and the 100+ years old house, purchased for $2,000 and paid in full from the start, is still family property although we decided to have another family member to be the succession owner than me for the same reasons.
It’s now worth over $60,000 and has a few acres of land just around a mile away.
We could build property on the land, and we sold wood to the government around 20 years ago.
We also plan other opportunities should other problem arise but we have 4 million of insurance to use for it, as security.

I plan to get a bachelor in psychology from Germany or another country , or another field, like computer science, which would give me opportunities for contracts , which would allow me to pay for a home and real-estate property and get married.

However, that is personal info and is better not published on the forums.

HOA… house arrest? It’s fine I guess. Can’t get out which sucks but you can contact the feds if you have a special event you need to attend. The ankle bracelet gets a little annoying but you learn to love with it.

Still better than prison so I guess there’s that.

Wow, from the stories i have read and seen on you tube. Your HOA seems to be a meek one, you must be one of the lucky few :smiley:

And Silly Mr Rex :stuck_out_tongue:

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