What's The Most 'Crazy Rich Asians' Thing You Have Ever Done?

I’m Asian, But I’m Broke.

I haven’t seen the movie. What does count as a ‘Crazy rich Asians’ thing?

It’s just like another Romeo and Juliet story, but modified and of course a happy ending. Two people from two different backgrounds, only both being Asian, have their love threatened by traditional norms and expectations. In between can one see expensive sports cars, fancy jewellery, and bachelor parties full of stereotypes (but funny). It’s a romantic comedy with surprisingly little drama.

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So, a ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ thing is to fall in love and don’t kill yourself? :sunglasses:

More like buying ear rings for a couple millions and hiding them from your husband so he doesn’t feel like not owning any pants.

Or hiring a container ship for a party and shooting an RPG into the ocean.

Or beating your nemesis (your boyfriend’s mother) in a game of Mahjong and thus saving your marriage. Or maybe letting her win on purpose… I don’t remember it right now.

Mhm, ok. Never done anything like this.

I’m not asian, nor rich sooooo nothing?

I dont know what rich asian people would do that other rich people could not.

Maybe except this thing…

but you dont have to be rich, just crazy hehehehe…
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