When can people step out of the spaceship?

Envious characters can get out of the spaceship and visit the space station

Actually you can already leave your ship in space. Your capsule can be seen as a very sturdy space suit.

I get out of my spaceship all the time!

Each time someone blows up my ship and pod, my character is floating in space outside the spaceship. Unprotected against the coldness of space, and frozen dead.

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You are ten years too late for that.


we all know he is talking about walking in stations. the closest they ever got was captains quarters. not exactly moving around the station. who knows, someday we can go to the station pub for a drink together

I thought I leave my ship as soon as I’ve docked, and do my business on station. Don’t need Pix of that, I grew up with text adventures.

in swtor