When can people step out of the spaceship?

Envious characters can get out of the spaceship and visit the space station

Actually you can already leave your ship in space. Your capsule can be seen as a very sturdy space suit.

I get out of my spaceship all the time!

Each time someone blows up my ship and pod, my character is floating in space outside the spaceship. Unprotected against the coldness of space, and frozen dead.


You are ten years too late for that.


we all know he is talking about walking in stations. the closest they ever got was captains quarters. not exactly moving around the station. who knows, someday we can go to the station pub for a drink together


I thought I leave my ship as soon as I’ve docked, and do my business on station. Don’t need Pix of that, I grew up with text adventures.

in swtor

Firstly, CCP could add the ability to play movies or videos in the captain’s quarters, which can be official videos made by the game or even community-made videos. These videos could require ISK to be played, and advertisements could be played before the video starts, allowing alliances and corporations to advertise their services. This will help to reduce the amount of ISK in circulation and also increase the utilization of the captain’s quarters.

Secondly, you could add exclusive decorations or memorabilia that can only be obtained through official channels using ISK, which can be used to decorate the captain’s quarters or characters. These decorative items would not affect game balance and could help reduce the amount of excess ISK in the game.

what do you think about?


I started on EvE a few months after the Incarna release. https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/incarna.-welcome-your-future.-2

CCP was told off by a vocal and maybe even large part of the community for having spent a big chunk of its talent on creating an irrelevant addition (in terms of flying spaceships and blowing stuff up), resources better spent on making the game better - clearly some players didn’t see this walking avatar aspect part of gameplay. I honestly can’t say they were wrong, a Captain’s Quarter was at most nice to have, it didn’t do anything but exist.

Meanwhile, those that did like it were left with hopes of one day being able to interact via their avatars with other players, in stations, in shady bars and clubs, making deals, plans, schemes, transferring contraband, perhaps even assassination. It never happened. In fact nothing happened. The CQ was a nice-to-look-at appendix that did not offer extra gaming elements apart from visuals. This appendix was removed in 2017, after 6 years of tough maintenance and no progress.

Something similar went on in Dust514. Now, besides a CQ there was also the assemble area before the drop to the planet’s surface. But again, no interaction between players.

When I see our favorite game developer engaging in “new projects”, as they have done over the past two decades - and we all know how that went - I cannot help but wonder what could have been the result if those considerable resources would have been spent on avatar interaction.

Real interaction, not mere visuals of individuals walking, standing, sitting.
If it’s not real interaction, it’s not worth spending the resources, as it wouldn’t add anything substantial to the game itself, which is about doing things with spaceships most of the time.

Perhaps the technology is still not ready to make it meaningful ?


I was around for the disastrous Incarna launch. Your idea is not new and still just as bad now as it was 13 years ago.

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Nah. We really just wanted to have sex. Lets be honest here.


If the clone bay is rockin, don’t come knockin.


giphy (65)
that escalated quickly :rofl:


More like the natural modus operandi considering his Gallente origin. :wink:

All i want in life is to finally see my avatar, butt naked in all his glory.

Who said “Fedo”?

Can anyone tell me what drives those collecting dry corpses? :slight_smile:

They can be sold😃

Last time I gave some corpses to someone in my alliance they were looking for corpses to fill the corpse bay of the new Molok they built.

I like to think that somewhere there’s a faction Titan with Gerard Amatin inside.

They are very personal and sometimes unique, unlike a crate of liquor or exotic dancers.
Perhaps CCP should start a series of famous exotic dancers you can collect in game…

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