Who are you unknown capsuleer?

Who are you unknown capsuleer?


I see you everywhere I look…

…and why are you wearing Caldari dropsuit?!

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She’s not. She’s wearing exactly the same kind of Genolution Combat Suit for capsuleers—complete with Pod Jacks—given out for free to basically anyone with a pilot’s license like 10 years ago:

They’ve also given out a variety of other combat suits, from SoE to SARO.

And all of them are pod-compatible. Sorry. Not dropsuits, just visually similar.


Why do you need a combat suit when in pod? Arent we naked and immersed in oxygen rich fluid while in pod?

You lok very nice in those outfits by the way.

And do you know the capsuleer from the picture I posted?


You don’t, but the same people that sold you a marketing vid as a ‘training film’ (despite not actually showing how the one-man boarding party actually did anything) realized that if they gave away stuff to capsuleers, thse capsuleers would start wanting more stuff, and so would buy stuff, too.

They do sculpt the butt pretty well.

Not to my knowledge…

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They are quite useful when not in a pod, and not having to change in and out of them when going between is actually very convenient


Gross, though.

One should shower after decanting. Clean body, clear spirit.


Was going to say, yes, can do without having pod goo trapped against my skin. Practically speaking I’ve wound up in a situation or two I didn’t mean or plan to but I can’t say I’ve ever had to decant into (or board my pod out of) a firefight.

Maybe I’d consider wearing one of these if I thought someone might try to murder me in the shower.


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