Who even are you?

Nice story for the people not following reddit


Ah, reminds me of that EVE trailer. The moment you decide to take your revenge.:sunglasses:

PL is done for now anyways.

Awesome. Fly Safe whatever you do for your Eve Retirement.

I’m just linking the story. And having too much fun putting the North to the torch to consider quiting EVE.

Ugh. You want to call this a nice story?

All I’ve read is the story of a sucker. He sucked so hard that they’ve managed to scam him out of a Titan. And when things stopped looking glorious, after years of flying with those who he so desperately wanted to be together with, does he steal and run.

“Nice” isn’t the word I would use to describe it. “Disgusting” seems more fitting imo.

Hehe, more internet space pixels drama, this time revenge is the theme.

I can’t really expect highsec pubbies or forum warriors to know the guy or understand the background.

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You should have checked your expectations before you post. And no, not all of us are as submissive and devote as the average null sucker is.

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