Who is the C&P approved CSM

Who is the C&P approved CSM? I don’t want to waste my votes on a nullblock bear or some AG dummy. Help me out

There are 10 CSM candidates in our Wardec Project Discord, along with CCP Falcon:

Brisc Rubal
Steve Ronuken
commander aze
The Judge
Winter duFallen

I hope this helps


I would also like to know if there is any HiSec candidate that wants to make HiSec better! How many candidates show respect for James 315 and the Code in their bio?

We honestly don’t have one this year. Which is a shame with wardecs actually being mentioned for the first time in forever


Terrible. The state of HiSec is so bad. We can only continue fighting for a better HiSec, and hope that CCP will come to their senses one day.

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Maybe I’ll run one day if I ever find the dedication :wink:

While there is no proper C&P candidate this year, the ones listed above are for the most part the pro-content candidates you want to vote for and a very high percentage of them made it to my list. I did take the time to go through each of the candidates on CSM Wire and tried to listed to a few interviews.

The only other one that comes to mind to consider would be Tikktokk.

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Awesome thanks! How does one get an invite to this Wardec Project Discord?

I read Tikktokk’s reddit ad and he sounded decent.

You can join the Wardec Project Discord with this link:

Tempted to go back, then again I’m not since most there don’t like me lol

You should. Who cares what other people think?

I’d say things are a little quieter there of as late, but we have CCP Falcon there now who was gathering intel for CCP. Not saying anything will move on the wardec front anytime soon, but Toxic does seem to have succeeded in making it the go-to place for such discussion when the time comes.

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OT: @Marcus_Luttrell_Khan Great character name, guy!

None I hope.

Such unwarranted hate…

I just lurk there in Discord for the most part.

I’ll do it, but don’t expect me to change anything, subscribe, pander to bleating, wear trousers or answer any questions.

I just want free herring.


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