Wholesome patch notes

Remember Minecraft when Notch was developing it? Every friday there would be patch notes and he would add some wholesome stuff most of the time and the game gained incredible momentum. When is the last time EVE Online had some wholesome patch notes? I mean some fungible change that players could actually appreciate. I guess it would be awesome if you or someone else would like to share their favorite change or addition over the last 6 months. I expect crickets btw. Because thats not what we do here.

There was an addition to the LP system last week which nobody seems to have noticed. They added the ability for players to donate LP to any player owned corp. This means you can sell LP now. The functionality is barebones but managed to sell some LP earlier. 750 ISK / LP. I think its cool.


@Wesfahrn Are you being paid for each new post you make or something?


If i was getting paid for anything then i probably wouldn’t be here

Yes, I do. I was I think in 5th grade when he sold it to Microsoft. Our table had a great chat and it was the buzz of the school for at least 2 weeks. Thanks for the memories.

I like the monthly patch notes CCP does.

What I did notice in patch in notes is that at the beginning they inform you that change that was inspired by community will be marked with some yellow vest icon or what is it. Yet none of the patch notes contained any lol.

Well played.

This. Also the fact that you can now combine all scattered bits of LP from multiple characters to one place, it’s so good!!

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That’s really sad. You should probably get on that.

The august 22nd patch had some wholesome stuff.

Removed the limit of 100 at a time for offers - now you can buy as many datacores from Factional Warfare Loyalty Point stores as you want in a single transaction!

You can now see the estimated item value of the Loyalty Point offer item when hovering the mouse cursor over it.

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