Why are Custom Offices so Tough

I mean, they are almost 50% tougher than Astrahus stations…

Wouldn’t a content driver be to drop that to about half of a Rait (say 3.5M)?

I have read that CCP is considering moving POCO’s to the new structure system, which would give game designers more flexibility in adjusting all their statistics.

Because they were designed under older mechanics, they don’t have damage mitigation: the more damage you bring, the faster they reinforce, with no limit on how quickly it can be done.

“Content driver” for POCO’s is at that crossroads, of high HP and no damage mitigation. I’ve seen dreads and supercarriers get dropped on, after the 3rd or 4th customs office in a system, while trying to “get it done faster.”

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This is why I asked as I was trying to find a faster way to do it then realized that killing stations as WAY easier and WAY more rewarding…

A very odd situation…

Thanks for the info…

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Not odd, just from an older mechanic that hasn’t been updated, yet.

Yeah good idea, remove even the last structure that can be killed by people with a life and add some week long two layered timer on it that you have to take a vacation to be able to kill it. That will drive content!


…and you just broke my sarcasm meter…


I mean why are ALL the structures this way? They always said that citadels replace the outposts and that is the reason why they have asset safety and this huge timers. And then it was just used for all the other stations which mainly replace POS functionality without change.

And let’s not forget that there was only one outpost per system possible and POSes where limited by moons.

So why do all the industrial stations have the same week long timers? A POS could be removed over a weekend, and that’s not even casual, it still required you to show up at the right time. The last remaining structure in Highsec that are still viable for content this way are POCOs. If that goes away, nothing will be left.

But hey, let’s nerf ganking some more, I’m sure that’s the reason why people quit, not the availability of something that is even remotely interesting to do.

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Not so tough with the right fleet and ships.

Throw a Trig Leshak structure killer in a fleet that allow in a fleet of 15 will do more damage than the rest of the fleet, and reduce the kill time.

Last time i did this the fleet were already 1/2 into shield, once i fired up the Trig Structure killer, it on kill had 26.6% of total damage with 1,188,647 damage, and with max hits of 18.5k and average of 10k on the Poco.

Next closest was Rattlesnake with max skills for ship and launcher / [Scourge Heavy Missile] 903,791 damage
Equal to 20.2%


It’s more the relativity that I’m pointing out though. The fact I’m looking into solo’ing a dread to get this done has me shaking my head…

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Try a high DPS Leshak, for highend structure bashing not much short of a Capital ship can match it.

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I’ll look into it. TY.

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He has a true talent for that.


Also …

If you need help with DPS, try asking me!

(Image is only symbolic. The second Tornado is a symbol for FRIENDSHIP!)

Thanks for the offer…I have the firepower for stations but I want to “evict” a corp in LS from their POCO monopoly…so very high risk for no reward…silly I know…

Hence this thread…


You misunderstand.

It’s not an offer for help, it’s an offer for companionship.

Hey, that’s another ship!
Man, this game is full of ships! :open_mouth:

Well, no. If you bring in a hundred dreads, you’re going to be finished far faster than the same hundred dreads on a station. Killing POCOs all depends on how much effort you put in.

Yes…that’s pretty much what I said. The more effort you put into killing POCOs yields exactly the same ZERO as if you put in less…you just get it done faster. Stations limit you to DPS so that is the mitigating factor…

While you are factually correct, I think you missed my point: the risk/reward balance for POCOs is borked…


Feel free to just copy what I’ve ignored.
I rather ask you myself, though, and get a personal answer.

You can field 10K DPS…you will kill a Rait in about 28 minutes over X number of days if it’s low power. On average you will make a bit bit of ISK for your time…not much but generally come out ahead.

A POCO takes 28 minutes in one go but rewards you with zero.

Something is always more than zero…

No… that’s not what I said at all.

The more effort you put in a poco, yields far less when less effort is put into taking down the same poco. You get it done faster, which is better.

I mean, you say that as if that’s an irrelevance or something. We prefer our structures to die faster when we are grinding it. This is a plus.

It’s the citadels that yield the exact same result when putting more effort into taking it down. Bringing 1000 dreads to take down an astrahaus will take the Sam amount of time as bringing 15.