Why are Custom Offices so Tough

Come out ahead of what? If the structure is unfit, you get nothing. If the people defend, you get nothing. If the loot fairy is being mean, you get nothing. Anchoring up a new citadel doesnt do anything for you, either, unless you fuel it and add modules.

No, taking down a poco rewards you with the option of putting down your own poco. You get income from taxes from everyone using that poco. You yourself can use that poco with zero tax cost. There is no fuel cost so no upkeep cost.

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In your mind you spend n minutes to put out m dps to achieve x.
In your mind, apparently, achieving x is the end goal and reward.

In my mind you spend n minutes to put out m dps to achieve x,
which allows you to achieve y (putting up your own POCO),
which creates a row of mini-achievements caused by the achievement of x.

Also called taxes.

POCOs are a political thing. You set them up to make money and project the illusion of power. Shooting down a POCO without being willing to reap the potential rewards, the taxes, is your own choice.

POCOs are a thing for the long term. When you shoot one down and don’t want to set up a new one, then that’s on you.

Btw, I object to this abuse the word “effort”.

Yes but I don’t have 100 dreads so, again, while the point is valid, it’s also totally unrealistic to me. I have between 5k-10k at my disposal and that’s it. THAT is my reality and based on that, everything I have said still stands.

When something is that unrealistic, it is irrelevant.

Aren’t you one of those who suggest to find friends, or join a corp?

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Then the only thing that says is you shouldn’t be shooting pocos😇

Never said that once…this is a Burmese Bandit scenario and I don’t care about putting up my own…

If that’s what people are looking for then that’s what I suggest…

…I don’t need/want that.

And there in lies the rub…or just wait until CCP changes them to match more modern settings for player owned floating crap.

Probably will just wait…

Well, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a hard time finding friends in this game.
So is this thread basically just a personal rant about how unfair pocos are to you, and you alone?

I guess no one told you that small citadels have a 5k damage cap. So that extra 5k damage you deal is actually zero.

Not looking…never have…

Nope. As others have pointed out, their mechanics are outdated and do not match the more modern settings.Feel free to head to the top to catch-up…

EDIT…nope…well aware of it…dropped many of them so I know how it it works thanks…

I also never said I used a full 10k, I said I had it…

They are for the long term profit. For example I am solo in a WH with my indy alts. Some Corp already has pocos there with tax rate 1%, I just pay it and use them, also saving me the trouble to install them when I started out with only 2 scanning epitals there. They wouldn’t even have fitted in the cargo.


I wonder how much people earn from taxes though…never looked into it actually.

Hard to imagine that it’s worth it though unless you are also PI’ing there anyways…

(FYI I’m talking LS/HS)

Isnt that what all the loners who actually really do want friends, say?

Others said that, but you didnt. All you wrote was that you feel as though the EHP is too great and to lower it to 3.5 mill so that you, alone, can more easily destroy it. You didnt mention anything about how outdated the system was.

Case and point, if CCP changed pocos to the citadel model, but kept the EHP the same, you would still have come here posting the same nonsense you did today.

So you’re well aware that youll be able to kill a poco faster, than a citadel, with enough firepower? So what’s the problem here?

Should i be able to kill astrahauses with a single frigate in 10 minutes? No? Well the same applies to you and pocos.

Well then you have no reason to complain about risk/reward being out of wack.

Your choice, really.

Yeah, sure. No wonder you’re struggling.
But hey … again … your choice.
Not a good one, though.

Anyhow … It’s clear now why you believe that risk/reward of POCOs isn’t right and it’s pretty clear why you believe so, but in the end it’s just a matter of your mindset making it look that way.

Have a nice day anyway and good luck! :slight_smile:

Isn’t that what trolls say?

Wow you’re psychic now too! cool…a psychic troll.

Already covered this…try again…

If you need to resort to reductio ad absurdum lines then, that’s just sad.


No, a troll would simply mock you. I’m asking g questions in order to reveal, even to yourself, how your position is stupid.

No, I said that to make a point.

You say you’ve already addressed the claim about not enough firepower. Well, the street goes both ways, buddy.

Well you’re not doing a very good job then as the facts haven’t changed. Maybe try harder?

…and it was sad that you needed to stoop that low to make it. How about you get out of the gutter and try again. Come on, you can do it!

Since your replies keep dwindling, the facts seem to be catching up to you.

I seem to be doing fine, as you keep trying to ignore my arguments and have already admitted that I made valid points.

…because nothing new or interesting has been added. If you can please do so…

Ya not really…but keep at it!