Why are Custom Offices so Tough

Have you ever run a trio of those (or any Trig ships) to make sure of the armor repair? The numbers look pretty impressive but that’s way out of my league…

The Lesh makes a good HS structure basher. You’ve got no capitals or bombs to worry about, you’ve got insanely high sustained damage, remote reps and neuts. You can very rapidly ramp up to dps cap, and keep it there while the rest of the fleet fires on defending forces.

Your logi are your dps, and your dps are your logi… it takes spider tanking fleets to a pretty high extreme.

On account of the spider tanking nature, it’s very easy to stack the fleet with brick tanked armor huginns, so they can stack webs and paints on whatever it is the fleet wants to shoot with zero fucks given about tracking resetting the dps.

Inside of HS, with sufficient numbers, the Lesh is a sight to behold. I actually personally dislike the entire trig line of ships for the design mantras behind them, and have yet to inject or train a single trig skill… I’ll sit my ass down in a huginn and run support instead.

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I agree…I guessing one of the best solo bashing set-ups would be to run 3 Leshak and just make sure your ranges for weapons and reps all match. Park at the optimal distance and light the fires. 6k-7.5k for about 2.4B is not bad.

The ISK/DPS seems to be pretty much 2x so that makes the choice pretty black and white.

I really need to look into these more :slight_smile:

So long as you aren’t expecting resistance, yes, they’re an excellent microgang / multiboxing setup. If you’re expecting a fight, you’ll probably lose to anything you can’t track. That dps reset is a real buzzkill.

Personally, against an uncontested structure, I’d just bring bombers. They won’t do it as fast, but they’ll do it for a fraction of the isk, and Netflix is a thing. If it becomes contested, you just warp off if you notice in time.

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Looks like youre trying really really hard, yes.

Again, great points…

I’m more of a point blank T1 BS basher type so…I’ll pass on the bombers but the Trigs are intriguing…eve with the reset.

Fair enough, that was my other thought. Load up some meta4 torp ravens and come back in an hour. After insurance, you’re practically coming out ahead if they do defend it hahaha.

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The Trig turrets have a good tracking speeds, much better than pulse laser, by default.

With two tracking computers and scripts the large Trig turrets get up to 10.00

For sure, but the impacts of missing with a pulse laser are definitely far less significant than missing with a trig turret imp. Though as I’ve said, I’ve never actually flown one so that’s just my paper interpretation on the subject.

Either way, I’m 100% in support of anything that sees a battleship fleet supported by a healthy number of all of the combat recons… it’s certainly not a smart strategy at the moment, but I’d enjoy it that way.




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Well if like more all the Pulse are groups as one, a miss would be the same as the Trig disintegrator.
Both have similar cycle times. And missing with a Trig turret as far as I’ve seen doesn’t reset the amp cycles, only target change, target lock lose or turret range will cause it to reset.

Ideally if you’re flying Trig you know your optimal range limit and try to keep your target well with in it, unlike other turrets that still have 3 levels of falloff range available.

And you want to avoid being on the end of a medium disintoregator mounted on the Trig HAC, as these when fully powered up get close to the Leshak in damage, but with better tracking, nasty pieces of work in the right hands, even blinged out T3 Cruisers try to avoid one or one, or hope for a noobe or a stuffup to happen.

Love my Amarr ships, but the Trig are a nice twist on the Amarr ship fits and use. If you know how to use Amarr Armour tank fits and ECAP fits you’re already 1/2 training in thr use of Trig ships.
The biggest learning curve is getting your head around how the turret works and how the Muta Remote Armour Repair module works.
Think groups Multifreq Beam Armour Tank fits and you’re on the right start path.


Yip, done a spider fleet of three trig, nasty sight.

Most will know the Nestor Wormhole logi site fleet fits, its very similar, the Nestor get a great bonus with drones, but the fit requires the fleet to stay tight together due to RemoteRep modules, the Trig setup is a little different, first the range of the Armour Remote Reps are huge, with the right fit a trig spider fleet can easily maintain a good active armour tank with at least 2 or more remote rep in high, and the add in the drones for ether more logi or defense depending on your fleet tactics.

A Leshak can run easily 2 large remote reps (repairing out to 57km at @ 570hp/3.5sec), 4 large logi drones, and 1-2 large necros or more smaller ones*(depending on fit)*, and have a 100k+ ehp and still have a 700dps starting point on its turret(max out to 19k on a good hit).

If your fleet is good and know how to logi even 2 trig ships in logi are bad enough, the more added the more combined dps and harder to kill they become as noted above the minium is 2 reps, i have one with 4 reps in high on one leshak, in a mixed fleet she both the basher of large target and logi for the fleet for ships outside of fleets logi ship range.

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