Why can't our Pilots wear Unisex?

There are some very fine jackets in New Eden yet we are not able to wear them like
Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Blood Raiders black)

Cross dressing should not be taboo in New Eden.


I totally agree.

I mean, wtf with the hats even?!

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Unisex? This is PC gone mad.

Where will end? demanding politicians actually work for the good of their citizens not their financial donors?

Bad enough that those Minmatar are crossing the border and stealing our jobs.


Tbh bad enough Domain kids coming into Devoid to steal our jobs as it is

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So I had been reminded in game just now that New Eden is set in the future and that is why men are not able to wear women jackets.

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Are you actually serious?

You think there’s something right about the fact I cant wear a “man’s” hat?

Are you serious?

(I know I asked but I felt I needed to ask again)

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Why should they?

Man are man and women are woman…

There are only 2 genders and no in-betweens…

Gendering is just a trend atm.

At the late 80’s to 90’s everybody had to be gay or at least have a gay friend…

This trend also faded away…this gendering crap is nothing special…it goes away and after it all that follow it now will be embarrassed by what they have done…

Believe me…i’ve been through this,i KNOW what i’m talking about… :slight_smile:


You clearly dont


Boy you really oppose EVERYTHING i post right?

Regardless if you know i’m right or not…

Gendering IS a trend at it WILL end…

Yes because you actually talk literally nothing but unsupported ■■■■■■■■, mate.


Well…i’ve been into this 80’s 90’s crap…i personally experienced it so i CAN see that what is actually happening is nothing special or unique so what are you even talking about?

Every decade has its own part of this BS and then the next round starts…

Maybe in 10 years all will have sex with animals and this is really cool who knows…

But declaring what is now as “it has to be so” is BS because the next generation will laugh in your face and will do their thing…

You do hold a strong point and after a few moments reviewing your reply I know of an article where “Nasa cancels all-female spacewalk, citing lack of spacesuit in right size”

Having one size fits all is not really practical though really it is just a Blood Raiders Jacket.

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You can’t even define what IT is.

Wow, you really went there didn’t you?

What you are ranting has literally NOTHING to do with clothes in EvE, so whatever problem you have with gay and trans people is, you should take that attitude and get the ■■■■ outta here.


I defined it clearly,you just don’t want to get it…

Here we are again…unconviniend opinion and the taunting starts…
This is all you and your kind can do…all outside of your bubble is to be ignored because it cannot be what shouldn’t be…
I have no problem with gays…all i’m saying is that gendering today is no different then the trend that in the 80’s/90’s everybody HAD to have a gay friend…and that the gendering crap also will fade away as this trend does…

Not hard to get in my eyes…

For what?

Opinion outside your bubble?

What you seem to understand is not what was said…bottom line…

How do you not see how wrong this can become.

Besides being a world where aliens are living among us do you stop and think that maybe that alien thinks we’re the animals.

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Well we are animals…

Anybody that denies this has clearly a too high opinion about the human race…

A reasonable race would be able to actually work together on a plantetary scale…

Even in New Eden we refer to them as livestock.

We just don’t go into great detail of how well they are harvested.

You see, asking for an item of clothing to be made Unisex is just for in game reference.
There really is no need to ruffle any feathers as it is totally okay to discuss if it holds negativity.

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Oh there is a need the moment you are jumped into the face by people that see gendering as a natural right and not as the will fade away trend it actually really is…

If you follow the thread i just made ONE remark about that and was jumped right after it…

And yes it were strong words…but don’t go near a fire if you cannot stand the heat…:slight_smile: