Why do you want to say GF after PVP, is it praise or ridicule?

I always take it as praise, even if meant as irony. I play Apex Legends and always type GG for good game, although we lost the match. The odds alone in winning by just dumb luck is 20 to 1. So making it to top 3 shows your skill set. I have friends stop over at my house on the weekends to play cards, if anyone showed a serious lack of good sportsmanship, they just wouldn’t be invited back.

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I used to say GF for „good fight“ but these days people don’t really appreciate pirates in the game so the vitriol I’ve gotten has worn me down. I just don’t say anything anymore and let the other folks vent or gloat in local. I don’t feel the need to engage in „conversation“.

One time from perspective of the opponent it was a sudden, violent and surprising execution, from mine it was a good planned operation, with everything going right. So after I posted GF it wasnt appreciated at all, I could have totally just GFed myself in thoughts. Now I see it could have been seen as a ridicule, but it wasnt.

A gf in local after internet spaceship interaction win or lose is (or maybe was…) simply good sportsmanship. Even if one was dropped, blobbed, or ganked a “gf” said is more about the attitude of the player than whether or not any fight ended in sweet victory or the agony of defeat.

“gf” says “I acknowledge we are participating in this game and both contributing to the virtual world of EvE regardless of any particular situation - if my ship has been converted to red glowing dust there will be no tears from me and if I am the converter this time I express sportsmanship in that also”

Players who refused to gf were often mocked for being whiny poorsports. …Just another aspect of EvE culture changing…or dying…maybe.


Unless I’m too busy trying to get my pod out running like a scared squirrel I say good fight and mean it.

Fights almost always have a learning value to them.

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I thought ‘love from Finanar’ was the new mocking meme. I’ve actually seen that used around the place ( and even at the TTT ) though that Finanar battle was some months ago.

I liked “From Highsec with Love.”

Well…I simply didn’t have time before fleeing in my pod to type…

" What the hell…I only just collected that ship from Asset Safety and i forgot to use my scout for the outward trip…darn it…and you changed ship since I last passed by, you rotter"

…so ‘gf’ was all I had time for before fleeing the system.

Maybe that is the real reason for ‘gf’ :slight_smile:

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You know, if I wanted to ridicule someone after a PvP fight in this game, I could think of better ways than 2 letters;

Maybe next time you should eject from your ship before we begin the duel? It would save time.


You really did well, I really mean it. Pat yourself on the back for this match, no one else will.

GG or GF is what it says, you have my respect.

It’s funny how destroying a ganker or criminal we very rarely get a GF , more like abuse.

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Githy, hun. Respect must be earned.

If you want a good fight, you need to actually win a fight, or at least convince your opponents that you aren’t an incompetent windowlicker, who merely posts on the forums without doing anything else. Since Highsec gankers see you as little more than a gnat, pretending to PvP the picnickers, you probably will never get a “gf” from anybody as they don’t even recognize you are part of the fight.

I’m still waiting for that proof that AG is effective.

I don’t understand why gith can’t install OBS, Record themselves successfully thrawlting a gank, uploading it youtube and posting a link here. I mean, if it’s so successful then there wouldn’t be a need to hide it, now would there?

That’s because your mate Sargon is a known stream-snipper and if Gith was so much as to turn on a stream, well Sargon would be onto her quicker than you can say Honey and Cheese!

Frosty ol’ chum - “Record”…“Uploading” …seems to indicate a video put on youtube after the fact not streaming during…

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Hey we need to stick in the blade where ever there is a chance!
Sargon tried to snipe me one day and spoiled a relaxing afternoon of mining in Uedama.

Did you not read what I said.

Use OBS to record your play. I never said anything about streaming it,

Then upload to youtube. This prevents stream sniping from occurring

It’s like you people have to have an audience live watching your mundane existence. That somehow recording is coupled and inseparable from streaming. It’s not.

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You people? Who are you referring to? We’re all New Eden Pilots… Your physical brain suggested we are the same when you called out you people!

Stream snipping might not had been the direct discussion, though it was included into the thread now for a reason. For a Capsuleer to record and upload to youtube, this opens for opportunity to have any future gameplay not recorded to be possible become snipped by Pilots trying to counter such gameplay.

By taunting Gith to record to show proof is in fact indirectly making way for praise or by the sounds of it ridicule. Btw we already know how you will respond to the comment made above so no need to reply.

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You’re not my mom. So I’m going to respond.

If Githy recorded a gank-bust, and uploaded post-facto to youtube, she could post a link to show us nay-sayers that it is something viable. Evidence in her back pocket, so to say.

Now the question is, why don’t you want her to have this evidence ready and presentable? Is it because you harbor a deep rooted insecurity that anti-ganking is ■■■■ and you don’t want any light shined on that, even by accident?

We already know it is some viable way to interact with gankers.

Yes I am affraid and perhaps you should too, that if there is hard evidence on how ■■■■ (good) anti-ganking is then perhaps more Miners would start defending their asteroid belts.