Why does EVE allow suicide ganking on alpha alts?

You cant fight back.
Can’t declare on them.

Just dock or leave.

Why not?
It’s a sandbox.

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There is no recourse, no one to fight back against.
Its not competitive.
It lacks any challenge besides time and filling out forms for accounts.
No one wins the fight.

What do you mean? Shoot the pilot that’s shooting you.

CCP never said it had to be competitive.

CCP never said there had to be a challenge.

I mean, yeah, that’s the whole point. This is a sandbox. You set your own conditions for what is a win or a loss. Some people think having a green killboard is a win. Other people think that making a lot of ISK is a win.

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This is a sandbox…there are pros and cons to that for everyone.

If you can’t deal with that then EVE is not the game for you.


CCP has protected new player systems for a reason. You wont get me to uninstall and we’ll keep pushing for more changes.

Yes, it’s to protect new players in starter systems against griefing.

What you’re talking about is not griefing though, it’s just pvp.

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EXACTLY!!! They are protected…so if you are ganked then you are NOT a new player any more…


Maybe thoses alpha gankers are just frustrated, because they cannot mine ice? Or because other stuff, they cannot do? :thinking:

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Then they can git gud or git wallet and omega up?

What does being Alpha have to do with ganking? You’d cry about being ganked if they were Omega as well…


If you are actively “pushing” to have the game changed, you should probably take it to the Features and Ideas section. This forum is for new players to ask question about how the game works, not be activists and try to change it to what they want. Please take your Silent Company space politics somewhere else.


Piracy is a legitimate career option in Eve and an important part of the risk/reward balance in high security space. It isn’t going away.

To paraphrase an old expression: gank me once - shame on you. gank me twice - shame on me. There are lots of things you can do to mitigate risk.

  • Maintain situational awareness. If you’re mining, move away from the beacon. Give yourself more reaction time.
  • Set standings with known gankers to terrible (i.e. CODE. alliance) so you can identify them as soon as they enter the system.
  • Fit for tank, not yield - don’t be the easy target.
  • Build an occasional loss into your business plan. In Eve you’re going to lose ships - by design. If it was perfectly safe, no one would need the ore you’re mining or the goods you’re hauling.
  • Buy insurance if you’re doing something risky.

If you play as an industrialist - you are prey and you need to think like prey - there will always be hungry hunters but they will preferentially choose easy targets. There are lessons you need to learn and it’s best to learn them while flying cheap ships!


Basically CCP wants as many aspects of EVE as possible to be available to new players / alphas, this includes suicide ganking. If you were to restrict it to omega only, a lot of people would be missing out on fun.

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I agree with Do Liitle, I tell my people to set CODE to Red, Build a backup Venture and use Dscan. When there’s a Red player in system, Sh t’s going to happen. Be prepared or move to another system, pretty simple. they are just another gang in the big city of high sec.

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Pot… Meet kettle…

Your in SICO… Your not war deccable either.


What’s the deal with SICO? I see at least a hundred of their members getting ganked in laughably-fitted ships every single day on Zkill…

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Like this SICO genius that lost 2 Orcas one right after the other…

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easy targets.

Think of them as easy to get into EVE uni. There are people that really try to help and assist new players which is a good things. They give them resources access to do things to allow them to grow and so on. They have constant pvp fleets with ships for the players going into low roams. Or just mining fleets. or missioning fleets.

But they to have their cancer members like Magic Missles here. or the completely disinterested in anything but what they are doing people.

No doubt SICO has their fair share of enemies… I mean lets face it. It is a giant alliance people wise that cannot be wardecced. So ganking groups say hello… often and constantly in their 0.5 HQ system.

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They could at least teach their members how to fit a ship, and not end up with 1 billion ISK monstrosities such as this…

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