Why don't CCP make NFT corpses?

Sorry for the Japanese article.

In this article, Hilmar states, “If Lord British had been killed with a bow instead of a spell, the bow would have been unique beyond the confines of the game.”
The closest thing in EVE to this analogy would be corpses.

Killmails are just information, not something to be owned.
But a corpse is something unique, something you can own.
If we could prove externally when and where the corpse died, it would have a positive impact on this game.
Especially if it was the corpse of a pilot who was good enough to compete in AT.

Well, there was the problem that Podkill was banned on AT.

Only if they are going to retroactively grant me NFT’s for the 2200 corpses i have sat in jita :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because internet is stupid, we don’t have to.

Now, just add non and token and you have it. And you will realize how your post makes no sense at all, why would anybody give two craps about a cloned body?

First, give cold dead cloned bodies any meaning, making them a commodity, then come back and talk about NFT.

"But but William Shatner… " - read statement one.

There is one corpse yielded per death just like one kill mail. The corpse from one kill of a player is the same as the corpse from any kill of the player. The kill mail however is more unique as it contains the details about the death that the corpse does not.

However a kill mail isn’t an in game item that you can sell or keep. Anyone can look at a kill mail but no one can own it. Corpses are all the same but you can only own and look at it if you possess it.

Or they could invest the time into making the game better and not add stupid gimmicks that will only serve as jokes when we look back in 10 years.

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Whatever NFT stuff they might (it seems inevitable) add to EVE, should be external assets & websites, only. Like the CONCORD KM’s for AT winners. (The rest of the player base need not ever interact with those NFT’s, they aren’t integrated within EVE.)

You don’t want to jump into a system and face an entirely new source of lag, as everyone’s NFT items are looked up in a blockchain(s).

The closest we have right now to NFT’s are abyssal modules: they work, each one unique, w/o causing excessive lag when jumping into Jita, (or a fleet fight,) because the database and indexes that say who created it, and who owns it now, are local to the EVE server cluster.

The solution is obviously to be able to sell your “place” on the kill mail. The person getting the final blow sells the rights to the kill mail, and when someone else buys it, their name replaces that person’s name.

Boom, instant NFT!

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Noice, any carebear can be a badass now. For the right price!

While each corpse has the same type and the same name, they each have unique item ID’s which allows CCP to tell them apart and to track when each corpse was created, so every single corpse, even ones from the same character, are strictly unique

I don’t get where this idea came from that there are particular differences between killmails and corpses, both the same few lines of the codes in the CCPs database.
Either way the NFT itself related to the online game is nonsense as long as it’s referring in-game data, as it doesn’t have standalone Intrinsic value.
EVE Online and any related digital items are all just data in the CCPs database and they all legally belong to CCP in the first place. And it’s all explicitly stated in the EULA.
In that sense, corpse NFT is less meaningful than kill certificate NFT. Killmail NFT themselves hold the information of those kills and its situations.
Even if the corpse NFT existed, it is just referring to the few lines of EVEs database, thereby just holding “unique and assured” hyperlink text returning “404” if the EVE’s gone.

Proof? I’ve never heard of this.

I have seen @Chribba corpses sell for a billion ISK.

Literally every single item stack has a unique ID, how do you think the database tracks individual items

Drag 2 different corpses of the same person (or any 2 stacks of the same item) in to your chat window, paste the links then right click the chat window and copy everything then look at the showinfo: links you just copied, each will have a number followed by \ and then another number, the first is the type ID the second is the item ID, its unique identifier

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I’m convinced…

I mean, the same corpse isn’t going to have 2 ID’s now is it, you also missed the part “of the same person”

[01:37:04] Cypherous > <url=showinfo:25//175268805>Cypherous's frozen corpse</url>
[01:37:05] Cypherous > <url=showinfo:25//226351733>Cypherous's frozen corpse</url>

25 being the type ID for corpse male, the numbers after // being the unique item identifier, and yes, i have 2 of my own corpses

I said, “I’m convinced”. I wasn’t being facetious.

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Ahh, i thought it was sarcasm, i apologise

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I think when he said that he meant YOU, the player, killing the AT pilot.

I had mistakenly assumed that the corpse would be assigned a character ID.

I mean its not a bad assumption given it has the players name on it

Clearly my body did not follow the monetary inflation :wink:

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