Why Eve is not a PvP game

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Me: “I reject the idea of arena PvP, it has no place in EVE”.


Stop lying.

It’s bad practice to put off new players by giving them an unrealistic view of what the rest of the game will have.

It’s entirely realistic. The mechanics of how they are attacked might change but the basic concept remains the same: EVE is a game where people will kill you without mercy and you need to actively work to ensure their own safety.

EVE is an easy game

Only if your goals in EVE are limited to passive mostly-AFK farming or mindlessly pressing F1 in a nullsec blob. Go tell the people who are dominating the market, running massive nullsec alliances, etc, that the game is easy.

You’re a fairly low tier PvPer that sits about whining that you don’t have enough easy targets feeding you.

Hint for the clueless: I don’t do suicide ganking. But telling you this again won’t stop you from lying and pretending that I’m just trying to protect my own ganking activities, I’ve told you many times before and you continue to repeat the lie.

That will not attract decent players.

Well yes, if you define “decent players” in a particular self-serving way then I guess you’re right.

wanting to play in a sandbox differently to how you play.

Yep, that’s how the sandbox works. You want to do something, I’m free to go wreck your stuff because I don’t like it. Perhaps a sandbox game isn’t for you if your goal is to have your own private instance of the game where you can do your stuff and ban anyone from interfering with it? Maybe one of the many single-player games people have made to appeal to this market?

Also, it’s pretty hypocritical of you to complain about me not welcoming people who want to play EVE in a way that I don’t approve of while simultaneously calling gankers “incels” and “neckbeards” because they want to play EVE in a way that you don’t approve of. But double standards are nothing new for you.


That is a text-book example of salt.

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I think you don’t get it. As soon as you use the market you begin to impact other players. This is why it is PvP, by simply doing anything but flying around in a rookie ship you influence other players actions. Hell Nullbears think simply being logged in is PvP.

So true. They write whole threads about it :joy:

one AFK Cloak ship on local is pvp
they want to undock but don’t , because of the psychological fear of other player … its the docked pvp, that means , if you click log in you consent to pvp

I wonder if these PvE purists use D-Scan… :rofl:

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…other than Project Discovery (or wherever it’s called) what can you do free of player interaction (both wanted or unwanted)?

Nope…at some point, they will interact (most likely on the unwanted side of the spectrum) and probably be killed.

BTW, do you allow d-scan?

Oh you are correct in saying that “most of the gameplay elements they’ve interacted with are free from player interaction”, but the difference is that at any moment a player(s) can land on you and “interact”. That fact is what differentiates a single player experience from a multi-player experience.

While I respect your Iron-man Challenge, the very fact that it’s a challenge is because it’s very hard to do in a environment like Eve…IMO impossible over time. The converse would be also true; doing a Iron-Man challenge in X4 would be pointless…

TBH I know nothing about Abyssal sites…I have very little interest in AI/NPC stuff…

The runner has to return out of the abyss at one time (if not dead), at which point they appear next to the abyssal trace where people can be waiting to engage the runner in PvP before he has a chance to dock up again.

Sure, the instance itself is purely PvE (apart from the abyssal PvP stuff), but CCP made sure that it is possible to engage abyssal runners in PvP, because the possibility of PvP is one of the fundamentals of the game.

I bet someone here can “prove” its not even a “game”

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There’s ships that are immune to ganking? Also I don’t think scrapping suspect means anything outside of high sec space.

Is Lucas still not getting over the fact that EVE is a PvP game?


No ship is immune to ganking. Some are harder to gank than others, but none are immune.

Why would I run abyssals from high sec when I’m living in null? Makes no sense.

Also high sec is scary, you never know with those neutrals in local. A bit less scary now that PIRAT disbanded, but still.

But it is inherently PvP…it’s even listed as such in Steam (posted above) where as PvE is not listed. I’ll paraphrase what a said a while back…Eve is a game that has PvE content while there is nobody else around…and that can change at anytime.

Eve without PvE could exist bout it would be a much smaller game. Eve without PvP is call X4.

BTW, I HIGHLY recommend the X series (not Rebirth). I haven’t played X4 yet but loved X3 and its incarnations…


{citation needed}

Immune to profitable ganking, sure. But not immune to ganking, period, unless you’re talking about the very few highsec capital ships that come nowhere near “a lot” in total.

Yes, we know you would. And you would continue to ignore the fact that there is no “versus” in an action where the ore passively sits there and you have zero chance of failure.

Now stop lying.

It’s not though, because you’ll naturally progress out of the primary target ships for gankers. The gank experience for a veteran is significantly different from that of a new player.

Nice job not reading what I wrote. The lesson learned is not just about ganking, it’s about the hostility of EVE in general. The newbie may learn to make ganking a negligible issue (or may not, as many lazy/stupid players demonstrate) but they’re still going to die jumping into a gatecamp, have their nullsec alliance crushed by someone who wants their space and/or killboard stats, etc. Stop focusing on the precise mechanics by which a player is attacked and killed.

I’ve not pretended that, I’ve pointed out that you want easy PvP targets, which you do. That doesn’t necessarily mean ganking.

Yeah, sure, it doesn’t necessarily mean ganking even though the topic here is ganking. Clearly I’m arguing against your proposal to remove suicide ganking because somehow it will magically give me more WH farmers to kill. Do you even read the nonsense you post?

I’m calling them that because that’s what they are. I’ve met some of them at fanfest and I’ve spoken to them in-game, and the majority of the career gankers are in dire need of psychological help.



Your hypocrisy is amazing.

You’re joking, right? When trying to talk about PvE you keep going “WAAAH BUT SOMEONE MIGHT PEW PEW SO HARVESTING ROCKS IS PEEEVEEEPEEEE”, yet now you’re banging on about me being too precise when talking about what a new player encounters vs what a veteran encounters?

No, I’m criticizing you for responding to my post saying “a player might not be suicide ganked anymore once they learn but they will die in other ways” with “the gank experience for a veteran is significantly different”. Your response has nothing to do with what I said.

I’m saying that the sandbox should be balanced and multiple playstyles should be available.

Multiple play styles are available, just not the one that you want. The only thing excluded from my version of the sandbox is “I want my private instance of EVE where I can farm all day with no risk allowed”.

And you’re a massive hypocrite for insulting anyone who plays in a way that you don’t like while demanding respect for your personal approach to the sandbox. You whine and cry all day about me telling people I don’t agree with that they aren’t welcome in EVE, but then you literally say “Go back to Fortnite kiddo. You’re not welcome here.”

TL;DR: you’re a liar and a hypocrite and this is why nobody likes you.

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Your high sec mindset is showing. There’s more than ‘bumping’ to stop a ship from leaving the area. In fact, I haven’t used bumping in ages to stop people from warping away.

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