Why I believe Wormholes need some love


(Helyss Mezana) #21

Exactly what I have been thinking of. Wormholes need to be more engageing to newer players and offer more options for content. As of right now we really are missing players in Wormhole space, and having new entities there would change this all together.

We have to speak up for Wormhole Space and state our oppinion clearly, so CCP learns to care about it more aswell.

(Polixena Naari) #22

What I’d say is

a) you don’t want whs to be more productive and less risky than now, unless you want all the c4+ holes to be owned and operated by major nullsec blocs to sip all that sweet moon juices.

b) having some sort of special wormholes for newer players would be nice - like a stable wh connection near starter areas to get them used to the no-local/dscan/scanning thing. Might be even a concord-reinforced one so you don’t get a mass of thrashers at the entrance all the time.

It could branch further on into normal holes - like a shattered one does.

(Digital Messiah) #23

Lived in a small C3 for 4-5 months with 2 friends, anchored an astrahus, one athanor. 4-5 relic/data sites per day, 4-5 drifter anoms. That’s that. Played 2-3 hours intense, then roam around the rest of the week because anoms won’t spawn again. So boring. Even mining will get depleted too fast. For now i believe C5/C6 are the way to go, with a medium sized corp/alliance but there is almost nothing you can solo except some data sites which are free of mobs. Even some of the biggest corps in WH moved to null :slight_smile:

(Wander Prian) #24

Pro-tip: You aren’t supposed to farm your home system 24/7. That’s what your static connection is for.

(Helyss Mezana) #25

I disagree with this.

Rolling your static gives you the option to find new sites, but if you are only in a small group rolling a hole can take up to 30 mintues to have one chance of finding new content, and even then, let’s say you found a hole you like, there doesn’t seem to be any inhabitants as no POSes and Citadels are on your D-Scan, you still have to scan the whole system down for potential Wormholers that might try to hunt you, and idealy roll all Wormholes inside.

That is, compared to the money you get out of it, not in any proportion and doesn’t really make sense. That is why it is, in my opinion, more efficient to just farm your own hole as much as you can, and not try to find potential content that is bound to take up to several hours of work and attention for very little reward.

(Wander Prian) #26

That I the risk and reward of W-space. Your home system will give you some sites, but the amount will be limited. Your static on the other hand has an unlimited supply of PVE, but the risk will be higher. If it takes you 30 minutes to roll a single wormhole, you are doing something wrong.

CCP already nerfed the PVE in C5 and C6 because it was too easy to do it in your home system in near perfect safety.

(Digital Messiah) #27

static was HS, so much for that.

(Wander Prian) #28

You really can’t blame the game for being broken if you choose to live in a system with only a k-space static.

(Digital Messiah) #29

I didn’t blame the game, part of it was our mistake also, a 3 man corp couldn’t live in more dangerous hole, but still, some content needs to be diversified in holes tbh. I mean, even moons were not close to decent to mine.

(Zander Exvirus) #30

K-Space static lol

(Liorah) #31

While it theoretically is more dangerous than Nullsec with the lack of intel, blue doughnuts, and Local, it’s also easy to reduce the level of risk by critting your static(s) and rolling off the random connections. Good luck getting enough ships through a crit hole to fight a battleship or capital ratting group successfully.

It still won’t make you “safe”, since a new wormhole could appear at any second. A hunting group that’s on the ball would have about five minutes to get to anything stuck in siege mode, but subcaps could be away before the hostile fleet even warped to the hole if they run away as soon as the new sig spawns. The majority of targets you’ll find are going to be subcaps, so you’re really left hunting the careless or the inexperienced.

If you do come up with something that is legitimately a good thing for w-space and that would increase outside interest in w-space, aside from Null bloc farming, it won’t be implemented. If it did bring new blood into w-space, then that is activity that could have gone to Nullsec. Or even worse, that could have been Nullsec activity that relocated to w-space.

CCP won’t intentionally encourage that and will do their best to prevent it from happening. Nullsec is CCP’s baby. Null fleet fights bring that “Wow” factor, and talks about the shifting political alliances and who is sleeping with who make good soap operas. W-space will never be as useful for an advertisement campaign as Nullsec, and that directly translates into CCP income.

I suppose if you can find a way to increase the appeal of w-space enough that it draws subscribers in somewhat comparable numbers as Nullsec, you might have a chance.

It’s a vicious cycle: don’t want to spend time, effort, and money on something that doesn’t directly generate revenue, but it’ll never develop into something that can generate revenue unless you spend time, effort, and money on it.

(Miscondukt) #32

I’ll never forget the Rooks n Kings W/H hunt video.

(The Voice) #33

I really like the fore mentioned upgrade system, although wormholes should not be like null. I get where its comming from though. Null is bricked by large factions, so if you have ambition to start somewhere and get a reasonable amount of ISK you want to go to a wormhole. Unless you want to rent and make the bigger faction even better and brick it even more. If you start with a small group you really cant make full use of the static yet, and that makes it boring probably really fast. I understand you can make a few bill an hour in the higher classes. But thats not where most players are at.

I think besides the upgrade system, there should also be regular belts which you have in null (not the colossal ones, just belt), I’m not a miner myselfd but this would make it a better entry for newer players. With a small group if you dont get to rol the static to often, then you run out of sites fairly quick. For a new player that would be super boring, they wont be micro managing everything so after a few sites its all done.

Also the amount of death sticks with massiva amounts of HP, are tedious to clean up. I think the HP of a offline anchored POS should be lowered tremendously.

I think for balancing what CCP also should do, is to make C3 sites easier, from C2 to C3 is a huge leap And it will increase the flow a little bit, drawing more people to wormhole space.

On a complete sidenote, I think a feature with hidden pockets of space would be cool. Connected to the outside via wormholes that stay around a week or so and connected internally via ancient gates, which are permanent. This will give room to newer groups, in a bricked null sec universe, but tbh I doubt this will happen with nullsec only CSM

(Mr Mysterio) #34

nooo how would you base an attack, fail on you

(Mr Mysterio) #35

no to you too
C3 sites are easy, and run faster compared to C4s meaning your Isk per Hour is faster in C3 more so if you do the data/relics which pay the same as C4s but are way faster to run.
Living in a C4 that has one C3/C5 statics means 1 player can rape C3 site and make more cash solo than a group raping the C5 as you dont have to share.
Roll and repeat

(The Voice) #36

They could lower the rewards a little bit aswell, right now its a huge increase in both difficulty and reward going from c2 to c3. This will improve the overal flow a lot.

(Sasha Viderzei) #37

I’d like to see better moons in wormhole. Not asking for those dank R64 with Xenotime everywhere, but something a bit above would be appreciated…
It’s a bit downgrading to live in a place as dangerous as null (if not more, depending of the place), and still be locked with Ubiquitous ore like Highsec.

(Snakes-On-A-Plane) #38

A J-spacer trying to communicate with Devs? I like your optimism! :slight_smile:

(Rion Stormborn) #39

I dont agree nsec is better for new players. I made 1.5 bil in 15 days with 1.5 mil skill points when i was complete noob, went into wspace to hack every day few hours.

Why is wspace better for new player ?

  1. You will learn the game faster than anywhere else, bookmarking, dscanning and all that jazz.
  2. All data and relic signatures in jspace are lvl 1-3 difficiulty to scan (except silent battleground and faction wspace systems) compared to nsec ones which are 1-5 difficulty lvl
  3. Better quality loot
  4. Little to no bots exploring in wspace due to the absence of local
  5. Not many other explorers go to wspace due to fear of losing a worthless ship
  6. Gas huffing in jspace > mining anywhere else - for new players

Enough said. Accepting in game ISK donations for the tips , thanks

(Helyss Mezana) #40

I am afraid @Rion_Stormborn that this statement has got nothing to do with the point I am making in my original post, perhaps you ment to send it somewhere else. If you are trying to make a point with this addition, please go ahead and explain to me below how this is reffering to my original post.