Why I believe Wormholes need some love

It does not concern your original theme directly although it addresses some points you made about nsec being more rewarding and safe. Was reading through reply’s and saw that you and others have the impression that null is better/more rewarding for new players so gave my thoughts on that. Does wormhole space need love is another matter that is to long to get into after not sleeping whole night and cba to get into it right now. In my oppinion wspace doesnt really need that much love but instead nsec carebaring mechanics needs some nerfing.

Every newbro feels pretty much useless cause they pretty much are until they learn the basics. Newbro in nsec does pretty much same stuff as he would in wspace just wspace forces you to learn some game mechanics in order to profit while in nsec you can just no brain and leave everytime you see +1 local. Wspace is more rewarding https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/517408212719501312/530001666603352094/unknown.png

Rest my case

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